What are the most popular business mobile apps?

June 24, 2019

Almost all businesses use mobile applications nowadays. So, what are the most popular business mobile apps? Or Which businesses use mobile applications? In the earlier years of application development, only big businesses could afford it. However, with years passed, medium and small businesses also started utilizing the power of this modern invent. Business applications of mobile technology are growing at a tremendous speed. Why so? Because mobile applications have several advantages for businesses.

Question: What are the most popular business mobile apps?

Alternate question: Which businesses use mobile applications?

Answer:  One can’t think of a good business running without a mobile application. Some sectors of businesses have extensive use of mobile applications.

This blog is written as the third one in a series. What is the series about? This series is about popular questions on the internet about mobile application development. Our tech experts have answered these questions in a proper way. Hence, these blogs are capable to satisfy your queries. First, in the series, is Mobile Application Development Questions and Answers.

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Nowadays, on-demand apps are very popular and trendy along with gaming and augmented reality apps. We are listing popular on-demand apps first.

Music Streaming, a popular business mobile app

Music has become such an integral part of our lives. There’s not a single day that we go without listening to music. Every day, we end up discovering something new and innovative which makes us feel like having our own customized collection.  To find such good, innovative, authentic, and raw music, some tech-genius created a platform, a music streaming app. Yes, you can find all the music under one roof in clicks. No, not Youtube. An App like Pandora Radio provides this facility. So, the music streaming app is among popular business mobile apps.

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Handyman, popular business app

handyman working on demand popular business mobile app

Plumber, a handyman working            Source-Pixabay.com

A mobile app for a handyman can benefit both the entrepreneur and the customers in several ways. Want to fix a leaking ceiling roof or modernize your kitchen? You can always look for the best pros on-demand apps for a handyman and accomplish the job in a hassle free way. On-demand services app is the trend nowadays and we cannot ignore its significance. The app like Uber for handyman benefit consumers in a lot of ways whether finishing off odd jobs at home, saving time, or being stress-free. Above all these apps help in saving cost. The businesses providing handyman services use mobile applications to spread their business.

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Food delivery, most popular business mobile app

The world is moving on the wheels of digitization. People are looking for goods and services, at their fingertips. As a result, on-demand mobile apps likes of on-demand food delivery app are high in demand. Large numbers of eCommerce ventures are providing services to the doorstep of the consumers through this technology.

Hence, you can expect your choicest food from a restaurant or a sweet shop delivered at your home in a click on an on-demand mobile app. Moreover, you can buy groceries or even vegetables with the help of these on-demand mobile apps. Swiggy is leading the market of on-demand food delivery apps followed by many others. Hence, businesses like  Swiggy use mobile applications to popularize their businesses.

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eCommerce marketplace, another most popular business mobile app 

Users are thankful for the internet revolution that has made shopping experience possible anywhere and anytime. This happened through the e-commerce marketplace apps like OLX, Letgo, and Quikr. With the evolution of digitization, the entire commerce sector has refurbished itself into eCommerce. Consumers have started to shop online easily from home! There are a number of ways to build an e-commerce marketplace app like Letgo, OLX, and Quikr.

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Develop An eCommerce Marketplace App Like Olx, Letgo, and Quikr

Tasker, a very popular business mobile app 

Why do people want tasker apps?? In today’s lives, our priority list goes as family, career, friends, and then if we get some time, we focus on our daily chores and often leave it unattended. As a result, we normally keep these chores pending intentionally or unintentionally. What if we tell you that there’s someone who can cover all these tasks up for you? And that too, as per your convenience and keeping your needs in mind. On-demand tasker mobile apps like TaskRabbit is there to help you. Nowadays, technology has such advanced, a few clicks can do even the smallest of the things we need in our daily lives.

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On-Demand Tasker Apps Like TaskRabbit

Doctor on demand business mobile app

Doctor and Assistant consulting                            Source-Pixabay.com

Doctor-on-demand, another popular business mobile app

……………………. The questions are likes of  Can you refer any good doctor? How are the services? Is the doctor affordable? etc.

With these apps, the role of doctors has been digitized. The users can view all their medical records through the doctor on-demand app. As a result, it is now easy to decide on further treatment. It is especially helpful during emergencies. The information exchange can happen in seconds. Through these on-demand healthcare apps, a doctor can provide personalized suggestions. In turn, it helps to treat a patient according to illness. It is better if Doctor-on-demand applications be a free healthcare app. Moreover, these should offer access to good quality therapeutic services.  These applications must be simple, time-saving and appropriate. It should associate the patients with the right and available doctors. In addition, provide hospital alternatives. Doctor-on-demand mobile app is among the most popular business mobile apps.

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Real Estate, A popular business app

Today, the real estate sector has grown enough and has started utilizing online Apps to a greater extent. Of course, various industries including the real estate market, echos the evolution in technology. In every sector of businesses across the globe, the digital elements are stretching their wings from websites to mobile applications. Users are getting used to their mobile phones with all of the data available on the internet and mobile apps. And real estate is no different from it. Purchasers and landlords choose to use a personalized mobile application to hunt for property either to sale-buy them or lease them out. With these apps, it has become effortless to lease or even purchase a house or other properties.

With the appropriate Real Estate Apps, the users can make an inquiry related to a property, View the properties virtually. Zillow and Trulia are famous apps for Real estate sector. Users find these as the most relaxed and dependable source to get information or utilize services.

You can also develop and own a Real Estate App like Zillow or Trulia. As a result, you can develop a business around it and earn much money out of it.

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Develop Real Estate App like Zillow or Trulia

Other Popular Business Mobile Apps

A new restaurant or hotel opened just around the corner?

How’s the veteran joint doing nowadays? With our app development results, you can answer such questions and help restaurants and hotels deliver exceptional service to people.


Healthcare has always been a sensitive issue. People don’t want their medical history and information to be made public but want the same to be used and shared by practitioners and medical organizations for swift and effective treatments.

With most industries going digital, why should healthcare lag behind? Our world-class app developers offer state-of-the-art technology services and solutions to all in the health and medical industry.

Video: Healthcare system 


Logistical service providers require expert solutions that are highly-efficient but also user-friendly because every industry in the world needs logistics for resources to be procured, stored, moved around, and delivered. Here’s what our best app developers propose.


Structured, Goal-Driven Digitization of Education Sectors

Teachers and educational organizations hone the futures of those who’re eager to learn. Technology can aid in improving the knowledge they impart. Our education services are built for e-learning, establishments like schools and colleges, and training centers.


Calculated Financial Solutions and Services.

Industry-approved. Accurate. Professional.

Finance is a department where every detail and every arithmetic operation must be considered and carried out correctly. A slight slip-up can result in, well, financial disasters.

With our financial solutions, you can totally avoid mistakes. Here’s a look at how we’re implementing our innovation to make waves in the industry.


Rejuvenate Health With Competent Solutions

Chart out exercise and diet regimen, map your progress, feel better.

We stand together with those who believe health is wealth. Our app development services are developed keeping in mind that every individual need different levels of motivations and each has its own limits.

That said, we believe that our contribution to this industry is meant for all— beginners and experts, all working towards the same goal.

Fitness and Wellness


Written by Jyoti Kothari

June 24, 2019


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