Develop Real Estate App like Zillow Trulia

April 20, 2019

Today, the real estate sector has grown enough and has started utilizing online App like Zillow Trulia to a greater extent. Of course, various industries including the real estate market, echos the evolution in technology.  Purchasers and landlords choose to use a personalized mobile application to hunt for property either to sale-buy them or lease them out. With these apps, it has become effortless to lease or even purchase a house or other properties. But why is there a need to build similar apps? users are getting used to their mobile phones with all of the data available on the internet and mobile apps.

Zillow Trulia is a famous app for Real estate sector. They find it the most relaxed and dependable source to get information or utilize services. In every sector of businesses across the globe, the digital elements are stretching their wings from websites to mobile applications. And real estate is no different from it. With the appropriate Real Estate Apps, the users can make an inquiry related to a property, View the properties virtually. You can also develop and own a Real Estate App like Zillow Trulia. As a result, you can develop a business around this app and earn much money out of it.

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What objective does the Real Estate App like Zillow Trulia Solve?

Real estate management involves renting, selling or buying a property which is not an easy job. The real estate application must eventually address these concerns. Various types of users like the property agencies, real estate agents or an individual user from the national association of realtors must be able to access the app with ease. It should help the users search and locate for properties while sitting at home. It must offer features such as 3D property view, Maps to locate the property, price listing, contact details, etc.

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Steps involved in the development of the Real Estate App like Zillow Trulia:

To develop an app for real estate management, you must think through all the factors you will have to address. Building an app for real estate management is not just a brilliant idea; but also will be helpful for agents. Through the app, they can manage their tasks efficiently with only one swipe. While things are moving in the direction of digitization and people are ready to adapt to changes.

•    The initial phase is very crucial for realizing maximum effectiveness. So, all the planning and preparation has to be done before the commencement of development. The selection of the technologies should be based on the experience and the user’s choice. This can be done by performing an initial groundwork.

•    The database must be robust to make this app efficient. It must hold the possible number of property listings, their dimensions, images, videos, price, contact, and location information.  You can use technologies like Java, Node.js, etc.

•    During the testing phase, the app has to be tested and verified comprehensively. Testing plays a crucial role in delivering the best quality product.

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Develop Real Estate App like Zillow Trulia

Real Estate App features

There is a constant need for upgraded apps with the most innovative and up-to-date features. While you think to build an app for real estate management you must consider including the following features.

Features of Real Estate App like Zillow or Trulia

  • Individual login screens based on the role.
  • Assets inventory/ list
  • Basic and Advanced search
  • Latest or featured property
  • Sharing via social media
  • Mortgage calculator
  • Basic Map view
  • Able to sort properties as per various filters like price range, dimensions, etc.

More features of the mobile app

  • Mark the favorite listing
  • Status of a property
  • Money converter
  • Virtual 3D tour
  • Better Customer services and Communication
  • Integration with GPS to enable location-based searching of assets.
  • Implementing technologies like Artificial intelligence to enhance the customer experience
  • Multiple sort and view options to filter properties on various criteria
  • Push notifications to send tailored messages and deals to the customers.
  • Complete descriptions of the assets like price, dimension, the age of the property, etc.

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Advantages of using a Real Estate App like Zillow Trulia:

•   The main advantage of a Real estate app like Zillow Trulia is to serve as a medium between buyer and seller. A business application can be integrated with messaging, chatting, emailing, etc. features to allow customers to contact you directly.

•    With the integration of maps, it is easier for the users to locate assets and the facilities nearby. This, in turn, lets them choose the right property and right place based on their needs.

•    Real estate apps offer handiness as users can look for property solutions from wherever they are.

•   When the apps are enabled with aspects such as in-app chatting, push notification alerts, automatic e-mail, and live support; these are a reliable direct advertising way for the business.

•    Smart flexibility solutions provide improved synchronization between the property developers and mediators which helps grow their business at ease.

•    Realtors can quickly add a new asset to the lists and remove the sold-out one. The app can also offer a variety of reporting features for them to view and make decisions appropriately.

•    Purchasers- investors and consumers both,  can get a lot of details related to the properties through the app. They can view images and discuss preferred properties with family and friends at any time. These apps are especially useful for real estate investors as they continually search for good properties for investment. In fact, investors mainly invest in two sectors first, in Stock and second in Real estate. So, these apps are very similar to stock trading apps.

Cost of Developing a Real Estate App like Zillow Trulia

The cost of development can go up and down depending on the choice of development method chosen. Also, It depends on your project type. In addition, it is subject to the number of entities, features, and categories of those features. You can not ignore the complication involved in incorporating the aspects into the app. Finally, the deadline accepted for the accomplishment of the project.

A financial plan is a crucial aspect when you are aiming to utilize quality-enriched amenities for your business returns. Hence, you have to identify the platform and expertise to be employed for the development process.

Nowadays, the need for an ideal real estate mobile application has increased. The reason behind is, People can search for properties through mobile devices. You can also restructure your business, agents, and brokers, etc with these Real Estate Apps like Zillow Trulia. Mobile apps empower people to search for real estate comfortably. App development professionals can develop an app with preferred interactivity. Also, this will allow users to discover neighborhood information. The users can use saved search data to add more information corresponding to the search.

Develop a Real Estate App like Zillow Trulia

We at Vardhaman InfoTech can help you develop a user-friendly real estate mobile app that the customers can explore at their comfort. Using these apps, users can examine properties without physically visiting them. We offer the “knock out factor” of best user experience which is far better than conventional methods used in websites and mobile apps. Our progressive solutions, loaded with advanced technologies, improve the quality of extracted data. This surely boosts client experience. Additionally, our programmers can develop simple solutions that will support the real estate business to maintain their data without affecting the user experience.

Mobile Solutions has various advantages to the real estate sector which in turn offers the clients uncomparable handiness to explore their preferred property, quickly and powerfully. We will help you acquire valuable benefits by improving your output, client satisfaction, and complete development. If you are a growing Real Estate company looking to develop Real Estate app like Zillow Trulia Contact us!. Certainly, this will support your business, and make money for your business.


Written by Shveta Tavani

April 20, 2019


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