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The advancement of on-demand taxi apps has attracted the attention of people all over  world. This is fair because of the increased dependency on technology. So, are you looking to set foot in the enticing taxi business? Are you an entrepreneur looking for a big leap? Transform your big business plans and visions into reality with the best taxi app development company at your side! We provide our customers with unbeatable solutions for the creation of taxi-booking apps. So go ahead and reach out to us to build a feature-rich taxi app and scale your company to great heights. Our dedicated taxi app developers have extensive experience and expertise in delivering taxi app development services to business entities ranging from universal companies to taxi & fleet firms for government sectors.

Flawless UI Design

The app design patterns and layout are flawless and efficient. The UI helps users feel quite comfortable and leaves the best first impression. Both the usability and the user experience are always essential to a product’s success, hence with the perfect color coding, ease of use and elegant display, users would want to use your services frequently

Taxi Mobile App Development

Rich Graphics

Digital art and graphic designs for concise use and common stylistic features with an attractive UI

Taxi Mobile App Development

Brand Logo

Featuring the best brand logo of your choice and making sure it blends well with the theme

Taxi Mobile App Development
Taxi Mobile App Development

Live Tracking System

The app is embedded with an effective and reliable real–time GPS tracking systems. GPS tracking is one make the business improve in productivity and profitability. Hence, provide users the estimated time of cab’s arrival to avoid unnecessary waiting and give drivers alternate routes to reduce delay

Taxi Mobile App Development

Google Maps Integration

The app would be integrated with Google Maps, hence providing users the ease of choosing their location

Taxi Mobile App Development

Live Monitoring

Ride can be tracked by the admin. The rider can also share their cab details to others to monitor their ride

Automated Fares

Algorithms based on either Surge pricing or dynamic pricing depending on time and distance are integrated to the app to provide an apt fare. These estimated fares are calculated in an ingenious way to provide a fair profit to the users, drivers as well as the company

Taxi Mobile App Development

Automatic Fare Updates

In cases of peak timings or a bad weather, the app will display a modified fare automatically

Taxi Mobile App Development

Fare Based On Vehicle

A separate algorithm is applied for different vehicle types, be it a sedan, a hatchback or an SUV

Taxi Mobile App Development
Taxi Mobile App Development

Feasible Payment Modes

The app comes integrated with online payment gateway where riders can recharge their app wallet using credit card, net banking etc. Users can also pay in cash directly to the drivers for their rides. Users can select their preferred payment mode on the app before requesting or booking a ride

Taxi Mobile App Development


Users will receive an invoice after every ride through email. Invoices can also be access via the app

Taxi Mobile App Development

Driver Commission

Drivers can keep tabs on all the commission he has gained for the rides through the driver app

Best Taxi App Development Solution & Features

Extraordinary features on the app making it unique, user-friendly & easy to use

Taxi Mobile App Development


Our apps are highly responsive and can work on any platform or operating system

Taxi Mobile App Development

Easy installation

The app will be easily available on Play Store or App Store and its installation is quick & hassle-free

Taxi Mobile App Development

Emergency Alerts

With our on-board SOS buttons, a rider or driver can alert admins about dire situations

Taxi Mobile App Development

Additional Transport

Not just taxi. The app can provide options for car rentals or even outstation packages

Taxi Mobile App Development

Destination Change

Riders can change their destination during their ride. Fare and routes gets modified automatically

Taxi Mobile App Development

Advance Booking

Users can pre-book their rides for a specific date and time in-case of off timings or unavailability

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