How to make or create an app and find an app developer?

July 2, 2019

How to make or create a mobile app?

How to make an app or how to create an app? These are the well-asked questions about mobile application development on the internet. What these questions how to make an app or how to create an app refer to? Certainly, these questions are asked about mobile application development. Mobile apps, nowadays, are key tools to develop business. And people worldwide, especially in the US, are eagerly searching for these questions. So, we can reframe the questions as to how to make or create an app or a mobile application. Sometimes people also ask a similar question about how to make your own app. 

Navigation mobile App

Using Navigation Application for car driving         Source- Pixabay

Find an App builder or App creator

First, you need an app creator (app builder) to create your own app. Similarly, you can say you need an app developer to make your own app. Mobile applications are easy to use but difficult to build. So, when it is asked how to build an app, we always reply, find an app builder first for your app development. There are plenty of mobile application developers- iOS and Android app makers, available worldwide. Now, how to select an app creator to create your own app?  This is really a difficult task. However, we will try to guide to help you in selecting an app developer for your app development. 

It is, normally, better to hire a mobile app development company than to go for an individual developer or freelancers. It is also advisable to select from top app development companies. A mobile application development company has a multilayer system with numbers of managers, developers, coders, testers and support staff. Hence, such app development companies can handle your project in a better way.

On the contrary, an individual or a freelancer have a little resource to manage the complexities arises during the lifecycle of an app development project. So, if you are developing an iOS application go and select an iOS development company. And if your project is in Android then select an Android app development company.

If you are in the US, no matter in New York or Los Angeles, mobile app development is expensive. Even if you want your app development in some other small cities in the US, it will not be cheap. An app builder is costly in the US because of the higher labor rate and livelihood cost. So, what to do to create your own app? 

A special note: Please do not try to search for a free app maker or free app builder to create an app for free. Please remember, there is no free lunch available. You may be trapped.


Mobile App banner

Mobile Application banner                                                                                                                                                                  Source- Pass works

Outsourcing mobile app development to India

A simple answer is outsourcing your app development to a world-class app developer in India. India is one of the biggest app development hubs with the highest numbers of IT professionals and app creators. Most of the enterprises in the US outsource their mobile app development projects to a reliable tech company in India. Even mobile app development companies and IT companies in the US love to redistribute their app development work to top app development companies in India. We all know that all the tech giants in the US- Google, Facebook and Microsoft have their outsourcing offices in India.

Indian app development companies have educated, trained and experienced application developers in their role. They are the best professionals in the world who know well how to make a mobile application. So, why are they cheap? This is a legitimate question that has to be answered. However, the answer is simple. Livelihood cost in India is much cheaper than that of the US and that makes an Indian app creator inexpensive. Similarly, management professionals in India are cheaper than the US keeping project management low-cost.  

How much does it cost to develop an app in India? Whether it is a cross-platform app or iPhone development, it remains cheaper in India than the US and the rest of the world.

Hence, instead of searching for a free app maker or free app builder to create an app for free, it is advisable to outsource your iOS or Android app development to India.


Mobile App Development India

Mobile Application Development in India

How to select an app creator to create or make an app?

Finding an app creator is not that tough these days. However,  finding just the right one for your mobile app development is tricky.  Though it is important to save dollars it is more important to select the right partner to create or build an app. Yes, the right partner can add value and help you maximize revenues for your mobile application business. This is true for the US as well as for the rest of the world.

Video: How to build a billion dollar App

What to look for in an app developer?

There are, mainly, two aspects of application development. How a mobile app looks and how it works. First, focus on design elements. Second, select the features and functionality of the application. Third, choose technology- OS, frameworks, and platforms. Chose an app developer carefully who can add value to the usability of the mobile application.

While initiating the blog, I have started with a question asked again and again on the internet. How to make an app or how to create an app? And I repeat my answer on the question. You need an app creator to create your own app. Now, I am adding a single word in my answer- Quality.

Video: How To Hire A Mobile App Developer (Step-By-Step)

And what is quality? That satisfies your client. So, look for an app builder who can understand your and your clients’ need and develop a mobile application accordingly. Please remember, your app developer can help you the most in realizing your vision.

More about app creator

Look for a developer interested in your business: A good App developer gives you creative input based on his/her experience with a similar app. A good development company should also guide you through the process of development. They know what to do and what not with their training and experience. Moreover, they know what works and what doesn’t on the app store. So, Look for a developer interested in your business.

User Interface UI Android app

User Interface UI in Android

Have a look at app design: Having excellent UI/UX skills is a basic characteristic of a good app developer. How can you determine this? Look at their portfolio. Are there beautiful looking apps with excellent design and user interfaces? It is true for both iOS and Android app makers. This is crucial because your app is about how a user interacts with it.

UX design prototyping mobile applications

UX design prototyping for mobile applications                    Source-Pixabay

Assess app builder portfolio: Portfolio itself tells you the story of the app builder. So, look and asses the portfolio. It is a collection of past works of the app creator. This, also, will give you an idea about how to make or create your own mobile app. Moreover, you can get information about app development company’s clients from this section for ready references.

Client references: You can check references from client contact information and get real feedback on the mobile app development company. This will, really, be helpful in selecting your app creator.

Build a relationship: It is better to build a relationship with the app developer. Don’t ignore it, it is important. Mobile app development has a long life cycle and not a one-time activity. So, look for a partner company who will stick with you through the product lifecycle. To ensure this, you can check cross-reference with previous clients of the app builder.

How to make your own app? Does the quote drive you?

Experts, repeatedly, say a big no to this while making your own app.  Normally, a fake or inefficient app creator gives a low quote. And this is a temptation. Don’t select an app developer or a development company only on the basis of a price quote. A great app, not the cheapest can keep your business running. Most of the times, a cheap developer can’t provide an expected result. As a result, one has to redesign and redevelop the mobile app. This not only makes it costlier but also consume your valuable time.

Hence, it is advisable to go for an affordable and reasonable price and not for the cheapest while creating your app. Make your own app wisely for the US and the rest of the world.

Mobile app

Mobile Application Development                                          Source-Pixabay

On-demand mobile app

On-demand mobile apps are creating abuzz in the mobile app industry. People are busy in the US and elsewhere and wants work done quickly. Hence, the services are now going on-demand. This has created a big market for on-demand mobile apps in America and other countries. On-demand applications likes of Yelp, TaskRabbit, Zomato, Uber are getting big business and minting money. Similarly, food delivery applications are also doing good in the market.

So, you can go for on-demand apps while developing your own mobile app.

Augmented Reality or AR

Augmented reality is the reality of the present day business world. Pokemon ignited the fire. So, what does Augmented mean? The word augmented means increased, expanded, enhanced or inflated. In augmented reality, you see an enhanced or inflated visual. Augmented reality apps are very popular, nowadays. Though it is difficult to build and needs a lot of expertise, it is attractive. Many times, this is a game changer for a business.

You can think and go for an augmented reality app while thinking of developing your own app.

Blockchain technology and Business Applications

Blockchain technology has overwhelmed the market. The US, being the first, have the advantage of this technology and doing very well. The rest of the world has also been catching it fast. No doubt, Bitcoin brought the revolution in the blockchain. However, blockchain technology has disrupted several other businesses and businesses applications built in this technology have unsettled many traditional businesses. Now, therefore, is the scope for building mobile applications using blockchain technology. There is an opportunity in new business ideas.

Video: How the blockchain is changing money and business | Don Tapscott

Written by Jyoti Kothari

July 2, 2019


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