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We are a team of tech enthusiasts with a passion to create next-gen applications that help companies reach new heights.

Our goal is to help businesses conquer challenges by offering perfectly suited innovative solutions that can help propel business growth.

Our Core Values

Every project undertaken at VardhamanInfotech rests upon three pillars for unparalleled quality. These pillars, or as we like to call them “core values” bring out the best in every app developer at our web and app development agency

Our Story

Thriving for core concepts—why and how matters

Unless the foundation is stellar, the construct fails. We inculcate core concepts in each of our team members so that every build they engage in is thoroughly assessed from the ground up. Every shred of logic, inconsistency, and process flow is earmarked to deliver excellence.

Our Story

Analysis, Strategy and competency crucial for success

A product is only competent if its development and design phase is strategized with utmost precision. Our application development company draws fine blueprints for every project and analyzes every aspect to single out inefficiencies

Our Story

Toughness and determination above all.

Our esteemed group of Indian app developers, analysts, designers, and business developers just don’t know how and when to give up. Having worked on numerous projects for a variety of industries, they’re ever so often determined to come up with quirky solutions for the toughest of problems thrown at them.


Over the Years


The Foundation

It was 2010 when our Founder & CEO Mr. Darshan Kothari, aged just 17, decided to foray into technological advancements for enterprises in India and across the world. Developments so precise would end the struggle for enterprises and organizations to smoothly transition into digitalization.


Immersing Into Mobile Applications

Although the previous years help us setup and gain a foothold, 2013 was a turning point for us with our services being introduced to mobile application development.


Blend In? We were Born To Stand Out

Achievements are our milestones to realizing our end goals. In 2014, our team of analysts, developers, and designers pulled off a spectacular with the world’s first KALQ keyboard which put us on the map.


Spreading The Word Like Wildfire

Although we were collecting accolades from our ever-faithful clientele for our achievements, we wanted to know, and do more. This led us to expand our operations globally.


For The People, By The People

Some would argue, but 2017 was perhaps the best year for us. We were in the good books of many, and more was yet to come. But we count the lucky stars that we got an opportunity to work with the Government—or rather, work for our fellow Indian Nationals—and we took it!


The Effort To Win Is Everything

Nothing is as great as being recognized! Enabling our clients to hold their heads up high is one of our prized possessions, especially when our app receives an award for exceptional design and unique features in the Middle East.


We’re Going Up And  Never Stopping

We’ve been certified! Foraying into Blockchain Technology and onboarding specialized Blockchain experts and enthusiasts to the team.


Getting To The Playoffs Together

Awarded & recognized as one of the best app development companies in world by Clutch & Extract.


Reaching New Heights

Recognized globally as a Certified ISO 9001:2015 along with a CMMI Level 3 appraisal.


We have gained prominence for our creativity and innovation

Our Story
Our Story
Our Story
Our Story
Our Story
Our Story

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