Building An App Like Uber For A Handyman

April 19, 2019

A mobile app like Uber for a handyman can benefit both the entrepreneur and the customers in several ways. Want to fix a leaking ceiling roof or modernize your kitchen? You can always look for the best pros on-demand apps for a handyman and accomplish the job in a hassle free way. On-demand services app is the trend nowadays and we cannot ignore its significance. The app like Uber for handyman benefit consumers in a lot of ways whether finishing off odd jobs at home, saving time, or being stress-free. Above all, these apps help in saving cost.

You can download these handyman apps like Uber from the app store easily. You can ensure the quality of the service through the rate and review features available on the app. Gone are the days when you had to hunt for several contractors, talk to them individually to know the charges and then decide the best one. Currently, through these on-demand apps, you can lease out someone in less time to finish the task spending lesser money.

Whether you are an established Enterprise or a Startup you can reap the benefit of a mobile app like Uber for a handyman by developing it for your own business.

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How do these on-demand apps like Uber for handyman work?

Step 1: The user can request for any service indicated on the app like electricians, plumbers, etc. The list of service providers as per their rating index will be enlisted. Based on the cost and rating you can select the provider of your choice. Once after choosing a specific service provider, you may have to wait until the provider accepts your request and confirms.

Step 2: After the acceptance of the job, the provider arrives at the real-time location provided by the user. Before initiating the job, the provider starts the clock as the rates are hourly based.

Step 3: Upon the completion of the job, the timer is stopped, and the final bill is generated. By using the payment gateways in the app, you can complete the payment process.

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Some merits of using an on-demand app like Uber for handyman:

  • The comfort at which you can find handymen is unmatched. The mobile app should offer its users with real-time tasks and suppliers. This avoids the waste of time and unnecessary struggles.
  • The providers will also have the handiness of accepting a job as per their plan. There are no bargaining or needless discussions involved. Furthermore, they can collect their payments in stipulated time either through an online mode or via cash disbursement.
  • One more advantage for the providers is that this set up lets them develop their dealings outside their natural devoted customer base devoid of much hard work and advertisements.
  • These apps come furnished with appropriate safety features for both, the consumers and the service providers.

Features of an ideal handyman app like Uber:

Easy locating of services

No service provider would like to travel a long distance to complete a job. Also, the user will not want to wait for a long time. Hence, offering a feature to locate adjacent handyman and who can come earlier is essential. Therefore, it is vital to let the mobile app users find as many providers as possible nearby. Essentially integrating Google maps feature in your app is necessary to accomplish this. We know the Uber model that connects users with the nearest taxi.

Payment options

If you are planning for mobile app development for home services, you must have several payment options to the clients. Look for some of the unified payment choices that are of great handiness to the users. The payment options should be as simple as possible enabling even non-specialists to make payments easily. So offering various smooth payment options is not a choice anymore, but obligatory for your app users as they can finish paying as per their suitability. Furthermore, the payment choices must be rapid and secured as well.

Handyman Tools

Tools of a Handyman                

Tracking features

This could be an optional feature, but this exclusive property will let the users find out the service provider in real-time. Using this feature the exact time of arrival of the provider can be tracked by the users.

Social Sharing

The app must let the users to quickly signup and share the handyman app feature in the social media accounts.

App Stability

The constancy of an app is not a functional obligation but an implicit rule. An unwavering app is more likely to be appealing to the end user than a crashing one. App crashes irritate users and, in this time, where the rivalry is vast, you definitely must not take risks.

Crystal clear pricing options

Your mobile app like Uber for a handyman must uphold thorough transparency with the customers. Nobody will be happy to pay any additional hidden charges upon demand. The clone app must furnish every small charge like service charge, estimate, and withdrawal charges before they decide to go for a provider. You must ponder through every aspect a user and a service provider may want while they try to hire an on-demand handyman. You can study a few other demo apps to know what functionalities they offer. It is crucial to make your app an exceptional one when compared to the other Uber clone apps.

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Steps involved in developing an app like uber for a handyman

The handiness that the demand service app offers to customers has led to its great reputation. While developing a handyman business app, you must have the freedom to pick from several options available. Picking up packages that have startling prototypes is a must. User Login must have the following features while developing:

1.    Simple registration form

2.    Search and filter options

3.    Get service provider Listings

4.    View the provider-related Indicators

5.    Pick providers from Reviews

6.    Schedule Bookings and Track, the provider

7.    Payment system

8.    Ratings and Reviews

The Service Provider login functionalities include:

1.    Signup/ login

2.    Managing the requests (accept or reject)

3.    Status updates

4.    Verification page

5.    Service Closure page

6.    Payment options

7.    Dashboard

developing a mobile app like Uber for a handyman for your business

By developing a simple handyman app, it is probable to assess your future business prospects at a partial investment. You can understand the feasibility of the app, the choice of mobile app development technologies you can utilize and what updates you need to make in the app. After receiving feedback from users, you can bring enhancements to the app. You can add new landscapes to make the mobile app a star. After implementing all the adequate features, the app can be set up in an app store.

If you are planning to startup (or boost your existing business) and thinking about building on-demand apps or building an app like uber for a handyman, you must think of a distinctive way to take hold of the consideration of users. To create an app that deciphers user’s day to day difficulties and makes their life calmer we can assist you to get the most excellent on-demand app for iPhone and Android platforms.

We at Vardhaman Infotech, India offer a simple and powerful web and mobile app development solutions. Our Expert App developers are forever in an operation-mode to retain them well-informed with present growths in the development platform with the utilization of progressive technologies. Be it a built-in mobile application or a hybrid web app; your necessities get the most excellent solution here. To seek more details about the services we offer, you can anytime touch base with our team. So, avoid killing time in searching for various options. We are ready to offer the above reproach services!

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Written by Shveta Tavani

April 19, 2019


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