Metaverse Cryptocurrency (ETP)- A Complete Review

January 2, 2023
Metaverse cryptocurrency

The launch of the Metaverse as well as the Metaverse Cryptocurrency (ETP) has been tagged as one of the most impressive digital innovations of the 21st century. This new technology was widely accepted in different parts of the world. Many are still thrilled by its ability to take users into a virtual universe. While most of the metaverse is still in the works, it’s safe to say that several crypto projects have been launched to offer users access to this digital universe.

Metaverse ETP is one of the less popular crypto projects. But recently, it has been gaining attention from traders and investors. This interest has improved ETP’s standing on the list of top crypto tokens worldwide. Many crypto projects are focused on offering users access to virtual land in the digital universe, but ETP is built differently. It plans to introduce a new way of handling transactions for traditional financial institutions and blockchain technology

Do you wish to learn more about Metaverse Cryptocurrency (ETP)? Keep reading to learn why this is the best metaverse-based cryptocurrency. This piece is a detailed review of all the essential details about Metaverse Cryptocurrency (ETP).

What is Metaverse Cryptocurrency (ETP)?

As mentioned earlier, Metaverse Cryptocurrency wants to change the way financial transactions are handled on and off the blockchain. This metaverse-related cryptocurrency will introduce the role of a valued intermediary. Now, this is different from what you’ll find anywhere else. Rather than compare metaverse vs cryptocurrency, this token will merge both technologies.

The inspiration behind the creation of Metaverse cryptocurrency was obtained from a 1992 science fiction novel. This novel, called Snow Crash, was written by Neal Stephenson. In this novel world, technology was so advanced that humans communicated with avatars. The activities in this novel occur in a virtual reality world. Now, the creators of metaverse cryptocurrency draw a direct comparison between the world in this novel and the current human world. Today, most people spend more time on their phones interacting with people online instead of in person.

As a result, these creators have predicted that the world will experience more digital transfers occurring online and via the blockchain. As the internet evolves, digital identities are bound to increase, and new intermediaries will be introduced. After some time, the internet will be transformed from an information system to a system designed to exchange value.

How Does It Work?

So, how does metaverse cryptocurrency plan to change the world’s transaction systems? Improving identity verification systems and creating a unique network of digital assets, value intermediaries, and digital identities. By combining the Metaverse network with blockchain and adding the Metaverse Smart Token.

We’ve already established that Metavese Cryptocurrency is an open-source project that has been around for up to four years. This platform ensures that everyone can access easy-to-use tools and simple interfaces. By doing this, they ensure that the benefits of cryptocurrency technology are available to anyone. 

That’s not all. There are also metaverse wallets. These wallets are similar to regular crypto wallets but with some additional features. For instance, users can create digital assets with their metaverse wallets. Users will also be allowed to customize the names of their assets, total amounts, and asset issuers.

Finally, you can earn money from your ETP tokens as you would earn from a traditional bank deposit. When you sign up for this project, you can also rest assured that they will constantly work to improve it. There’s no room for stagnancy. Its developers are focused on constant innovation.

What Are The Components Of Metaverse Cryptocurrency?

 Metaverse cryptocurrency focuses on creating smart assets and utilizes an impressive architecture. What are the components of this structure?

Consensus Mechanism

A proof-of-work mechanism currently powers this project. However, there’s a dual-stage plan to migrate the best metaverse cryptocurrency (ETP) to a delegated proof-of-stake mechanism. During the first few years, GPU mining will secure the network through an algorithm called Ethash.

The development team will gradually work on the Delegated Proof-of-stake mechanism. It’s worth noting that the delegated proof-of-stake mechanism has its flaws. The system is susceptible to attacks if an entity purchases many tokens. Another flaw is with voters who may choose a delegate and fail to interact with the network anymore. The metaverse cryptocurrency has responded to this weakness through two innovative developments; HeartBeat and Token Height.

The HeartBeat effectively measures recent activity on the protocol, while the Token Height is a figure that represents how long the user has held ETP.

Metaverse Smart Tokens

The metaverse was designed to power smart assets. To do this, the blockchain requires digital assets and smart contracts. The design of these tokens matches the description of an asset. When these tokens are created, they should be difficult to modify and easy to reuse. After these assets are created, users need to interact with them to create operational and value attributes. All these attributes will be displayed on the market in real-time.

To confirm the existence of individual smart assets on the platform, this decentralized protocol utilizes digital intermediaries called oracles. These oracles store off-chain data proving these assets’ history and existence. They will also provide credit scores for digital identities.

ETP Token

The ETP token, also known as Entropy, is a utility token to this platform. This token serves as a fee for miners and developers. Miners will receive ETP for every block they mine on the blockchain. It can also serve as collateral for users of the platform.

It’s worth noting that fees will be charged for using the metaverse network, especially transactions. These fees will be charged in the form of ETP. Other activities that may attract ETP fees include; becoming an oracle, verification of an asset, registration of an avatar, identification of oracles, and creating digital assets.

There’s a deposit lock feature on the network where users lock their assets for a particular duration. Users will receive their rewards in ETP.

What Are The Main Features Of The Metaverse Blockchain?

The cryptocurrency market is filled with several alternatives. As a result, no one can be compelled to adopt any particular option. In the case of coins like ETP, you’ll often hear debates on metaverse coin vs cryptocurrency. We often look at their features to distinguish between both types of digital assets.

These are the features of metaverse cryptocurrency;


The crypto space has a reputation for constant hacks, data breaches, and theft of user funds. The security of a project is one of the most important features to consider. And the metaverse cryptocurrency excels in this aspect. This cryptocurrency project can secure transactions with a proof-of-work mechanism.

The PoW mechanism doesn’t require any voting or validating mechanism. The entire network confirms each node. Despite being a slower system, it prevented any form of interference with the blockchain.


Metaverse cryptocurrency supports a high level of interconnectivity. On this protocol, users can create smart contracts easily. After this, the smart contracts may then be infused into the Metamask network. The entire process can be carried out using tools like Truffle, Remix, and Metamask. Due to the presence of Solidify support and support for the Ethereum Virtual network, the smart contracts are Interoperable.


Another interesting feature of Metaverse cryptocurrency is its enhanced scalability. This project can achieve this through the adoption of Substate Modular architecture. This top metaverse cryptocurrency uses this technology to connect decentralized applications and blockchain-based projects. Furthermore, they transmit data and value to other blockchains at a reduced cost.

Who’s the Team Behind Metaverse Cryptocurrency?

The development team behind metaverse-backed cryptocurrency is located in Shanghai, China. Key names in this project are Eric Gu (Founder and CEO), Chen Hao (CTO and Co-founder), Laurent (Senior Blockchain R&D Engineer), and Sven (Senior Blockchain R&D Engineer). Along with the CEO and CTO, several professionals have come together to build an improvised blockchain. Metaverse cryptocurrency differs from other blockchains because it focuses on offering the blockchain to public users. This system would ensure that developers and users have their private keys. This way, they can access its main services from any point.

What Are Metaverse Tokens Partnerships?

Metaverse is a cryptocurrency with an eye on the future. As a result, this project has embarked on different partnerships to support its worldwide adoption. It went into a partnership with Lexit to tokenize intellectual property. Lexit is a marketplace where users can buy and sell unused intellectual property.

Another major partnership of Metaverse is its agreement with KICKICO – a crowdfunding blockchain-based project based in Moscow. Furthermore, there’s an investment with CyberTrust – a Chinese investment bank.

These partnerships don’t end there. Metaverse has a deal with Draper Dragon, a subsidiary of Draper Investment Company. Finally, Zengold has agreed to use the Metaverse blockchain to digitize gold.


And that’s all on Metaverse Cryptocurrency. No doubt, the metaverse is an innovative technology that’s changing the world. If you’re looking for the metaverse effect on cryptocurrency, look no further than ETP. This metaverse cryptocurrency is a combination of several innovative features. The developers of this project opted to create a system similar to Ethereum. And they have succeeded in developing something better. If you’re interested in this project, you can find ETP on top cryptocurrency exchanges.

Written by Janani

January 2, 2023


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