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Frequently Asked Questions

We are filling in a few knowledge gaps about our work process.

How do I connect with the project development team & be in link with the development?

Our enterprise blokchain development company in India will be in constant touch with you with updates on the project development. You can also be in link with our team through a Trello board that will be dedicated to your project that will be updated on regular basis.

Why is my feedback during the designing stage necessary?

During the designing and prototyping stage, we would be sharing with you the UI designs and color codes that will be implemented on your application. It is crucial that you provide us with your feedback because any changes can be made at this point. Once the development of the blockchain app has started, we cannot entertain any changes to the UI.

What kind of Maintenance support does your company offer?

As per our project proposal, we offer 3 months of free Bug removal support after the deployment of the project. We also provide Premium Support for the Maintenance of your blockchain app either in hourly or monthly packages. You can get in touch with us for the pricing.

Do I need to make the entire payment of the project initially?

No. Our payment modules are always calculated in milestones based on each stage of blockchain development services. The payment milestones will be attached to the proposal we send you.

What other charges are not included on the project proposal?

Our project proposals are only charged for the application development. They do not include:

  1. Payment Gateway
  2. App Store & Google Play Store developer accounts
  3. Third-Party plugins
  4. Domain Names
  5. GST
  6. Any features that are not within the initial scope of requirements.

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