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Structured, Goal-Driven Digitization of Education Sectors

Teachers and educational organizations hone the futures of those who’re eager to learn. Technology can aid in improving the knowledge they impart. Our education services are built for e-learning, establishments like schools and colleges, and training centers.

Education Mobile App Development

Learning On The Go

Our mobile apps and device-friendly e-learning solutions provide seamless learning experience and high levels of interactions in educational establishments. Features include:

Education Mobile App Development

Offline learning in times of network disconnection

Education Mobile App Development

Course segmentation for micro-learning

Education Mobile App Development

Learning based on location and context

Education Mobile App Development

Highly-interactive features for collaborations and communities

Education Mobile App Development

Real-time mobile analytics and data mining to track efficiency

Analytics for Precision Learning

Our business intelligence tools ensure that automatic reporting saves time for educational establishments. Some of our other features include:

Education Mobile App Development

Analytics to track the progress of group performance and learning

Education Mobile App Development

Statistical data on scores and averages to evaluate teaching methods

Education Mobile App Development

Data from surveys, teaching methods, and learning experience can be gathered and exploited to engineer organizational strategies

Education Mobile App Development

Highly-interactive features for collaborations and communities

Education Mobile App Development

Comprehensive data, such as a student’s scores, ranks, activities can be monitored from admin dashboards

Education Mobile App Development
Education Mobile App Development

Educational Technology Customized for Educators and Learners

The systems we incorporate and the solutions we embed in the field of education play a vital role in potent learning.

Education Mobile App Development

Digital content which can be downloaded, uploaded, read, and printed from any device or location

Education Mobile App Development

Forums and virtual classrooms with features, such as live-streaming, messaging, discussion threads, and space to co-edit content

Education Mobile App Development

Integrations for badges, points, and levels

Education Mobile App Development

Personal dashboard, activity bar for feeds, customizable user interface, and relevant content

Education Mobile App Development

Create explanations with the help of videos, recordings, notes, illustrations, and additional content.

Education Mobile App Development

Tools such as calendars, schedulers, and course navigators are built in

Education Mobile App Development

Tools for quizzes and classroom surveys

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Education Mobile App Development

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