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March 8, 2019
Why do people want apps like TaskRabbit? In today’s lives, our priority list goes as family, career, friends, and then if we get some time, we focus on our daily chores and often leave it unattended. As a result, we normally keep these chores pending intentionally or unintentionally. What if we tell you that there’s someone who can cover all these tasks up for you? And that too, as per your convenience and keeping your needs in mind. On-demand mobile apps like TaskRabbit, a popular business mobile app,  is there to help you. Nowadays, technology has such advanced, a few clicks can do even the smallest of the things we need in our daily lives.

On-demand apps like TaskRabbit is a blessing for everyone who would like to make sure their daily chores are happening parallelly with their busy schedules. TaskRabbit is an online and mobile marketplace that matches freelance labor with local demand. Moreover, this allows consumers to find immediate help with everyday tasks, including cleaning, moving, delivery and handyman work.

Now, if your entrepreneur mind has sparked up with a brilliant idea like this that can make your end consumer’s lives simpler, we’ve got your back. However, a great idea is always supported by smooth and effortless technology. Our experts at Vardhaman Infotech have created a brief analysis of how these on-demand apps like TaskRabbit are changing the ways to see the world of utility services. Now, allow us to run you through:

How on-demand apps like TaskRabbit works?

On-demand mobile Apps like TaskRabbit allow you to do all of it with just a few clicks on your mobile device. Simply, all you need to do is:

How Apps like TaskRabbit works?

How Apps like TaskRabbit works?  Source: TNW

  • Describe the task: Let the app know what type of a task it is, entering a service keyword.
  • Get Matched: Your requirements and preferences are matched with the best suitable service providers.
  • Get it done: Select one out of those options and avail the services and do the payment through the app.

So, that’s a pretty convenient and fast way to get the things done. Normally, you need not worry about the results as it is all done by experts. And the kind of security and integrity TaskRabbit offers is highly dependable. Moreover, TaskRabbit thoroughly scan and screen providers through various authentication and credibility tests, before you meet them. Also, on the data front, you get to put up with multi-layered encryption and strict security policies. In turn, this makes it highly reliable to share information on the app. This is the reason why common people want TaskRabbit like apps.

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Video: How to use and Earn Money with TaskRabbit like Apps

Features of TaskRabbit like Apps

Now, do you want to know about the features of Mobile Apps like TaskRabbit? So, please follow the points below.

 TaskRabbit like Apps Features

Features of TaskRabbit like Apps    Source: Quora

  • A verified and huge database of service providers
  • Secured payment procedure
  • Well timed completion of services
  • Choice of service providers as per your budget
  • In-App Chat services with the service provider
  • Matching requirements of client and service provider appropriately
  • Providing property damage coverage

Modules within On-demand Apps like TaskRabbit

On-demand mobile apps like TaskRabbit are basically divided into two major parts. One is for Task Posters or Customers and another is for Taskers or Service Providers.

Modules within On-demand Apps like TaskRabbit

Modules within On-demand Apps like TaskRabbit    Source: Cult Of Mac

Apart from these, there are different sub-sections, communication resources, and action events within these modules to help users dynamically. Moreover, they can effectively interact with the app and get served inclusively. The on-demand mobile app includes feature components like user profile, support chat, notification updates, advanced search, bookmarking, service coupons, and payment.

Video: How to become a tasker in TaskRabbit

Advantages of apps like TaskRabbit

  • It will save time
  • Easy to get help
  • Get tasker with a good background
  • Insurance
  • Cash free payment
  • Advanced Search Option
  • Social Sharing

Reasons for using a web or mobile app for sharing services

Reasons for using a web or mobile app for sharing services  Source: Web Strategy by Jeremiah Owyang

  • Find Local jobs in and around the neighborhood
  • No schedule job, work at your own convenient time
  • Get Instant wages
  • Email Messaging System
  • Multi-Currency
  • Social Sign in
  • Private Messaging System
  • Multi-Language platform

What’s the future of on-demand mobile apps like TaskRabbit?

The more your business is customer oriented, the more enduring it is going to be. Despite the growing competition if you give on-time service and deliver your word, the customer is likely to be loyal to your company. Nowadays, users increasingly search and hire online, with a plethora of service segments. These are like transportation, laundry, food, construction/Real estate, furnishing, grocery, cleaning, surveillance, gardening, and what not.  Such on-demand mobile apps like TaskRabbit have a wide scope and constricted density to cover, thus making a great opportunity for new apps to serve into different niches. A good business idea is to cover and serve a local market. On the other hand, you may choose a few niche services to start with. You may consider developing a similar business app for a handyman

More features on TaskRabbit like Apps

More features on TaskRabbit like Apps                  Source: Fox Business

To sum it up, these all points clearly indicate the fact that the idea of on-demand service-oriented apps like TaskRabbit will grow with time. This is because more like minds joining in the mobile revolution.

How much does it cost to develop on-demand apps like TaskRabbit?

Firstly, it all depends on whom you decide to go ahead with – a freelance mobile app developer or an accomplished, tech-savvy company. You have to analyze several factors if you want to stake into this business.

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Source: al-burraq.com

If we proceed to the costing part of an App like TaskRabbit, it can be around $15,000 to $30,000. Moreover,  it’s depending on the OS platform. Having said that, a complete estimation will provide you an exact idea about the cost as it entirely depends on the designs and features that you want to incorporate into the app.  

Apps like TaskRabbit are allowing you to choose from carefully selected and vetted 50,000 taskers for doing jobs across a wide range of utility categories. If you have an idea and want some expert advice in developing an on-demand app like TaskRabbit, we’re happy to help you. Get in touch with us and let’s bring the techies inside us on the table.

Tech Company in India building TaskRabbit like Apps

App development in India is much cheaper than the US, the European Union, The UK, Canada, Australia, and other developed countries. That’s why companies from these developed nations prefer to outsource their development works to Indian companies. Vardhaman Infotech, Jaipur, India is in technology development field since 2010 developing mobile apps, eCommerce and websites.

The company is a preferred destination for the development of on-demand mobile apps like TaskRabbit. Why? We develop mobile apps. websites, eCommerce applications, augmented reality apps and on-demand mobile apps at a much lower cost than America, the US. That too, without compromising on quality. Whether you are an enterprise or a StartUp we have plans to develop TaskRabbit like apps suits to your budget. Development cost does matters, especially for StartUps with limited resources. Even an enterprise has a concern as ROI is important.  Please feel free to Contact Us for developing apps like TaskRabbit. Thanks

Written by Shweta Shah

March 8, 2019


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