Top 12 Mobile App Development Trends in 2020

February 26, 2020

We live in a fast-paced world in which as humans we crave any technology that would help us speed up on all sorts of levels, whether it’s professionally or personally. Good or bad (which is another long debate) the society grows at a rapid speed, and as every business requirement enhances, so does mobile app development companies. Speaking of technology, the things which were once called illusions or fictions has now not only become a reality but has also become the smartest solutions to our needs. Starting from the creation of the oldest Greek Analogue Computers to SuperComputers that are known for satellite and space research along with mobile apps providing Artificial Intelligence (AI) making them every business owner’s dream come true.

As of 2019 statistics, there are 299.24 million smartphone users just in India (which keeps increasing every day). Every business is harnessing the power of technology through the mobile app industry in order to transfigure their existence. The mobile apps are enhancing at a rapid rate in order to out-turn a better, painless and easy user experience. With billions of users moving towards mobile applications, new trends are expected to come to light. Here are the top trends that will pioneer in 2020:


Mobile App Development Trends

This ingenious invention is considered to be the savior of data security. Every business agonizes over security breach issues. With technology improving exponentially, we tend to brood over our personal data being on the verge of getting exploited at any point in time. 

Blockchain is, in the simplest of terms, the very definition of a democratized system. Blockchain is a shared and immutable ledger, in which the information in it is open for anyone and everyone to see. Therefore, it makes use of a cryptographic layer to provide data security.

Decentralized apps or Dapps as we call it, don’t require a mediator to function or manage our information. It provides a direct connection between the users and the providers. Hence, not allowing anybody else to penetrate our data. The revolution of blockchain application development is right around the corner. It’s by far the best solution for cybersecurity. All the Mobile App Development Company are now using this technology to secure their data. 



Every latest Tech News is all about the rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on mobile applications. AI’s use has gained a way to make the apps a lot smarter compared to the current smart assistants such as Alexa and Siri that can perform quite a certain tasks through voice commands that we already have. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has come up with advanced ways through which it can be used as powerful tools and also be integrated with mobile apps to make them even smarter. 

Artificial Intelligence, regardless of the business, taking advantage of AI will assist you with automatizations, enormous data collections, media, and forecasts. Just by the year 2019, we have come across AI portable applications contacting a million user base and increasing prodigious prevalence. By bringing Artificial Intelligence into your apps, websites, and bots, it can transform your business to a whole new level. Some of the big Mobile app development company is now using  Artificial Intelligence to better serve their customers.



As stated in an article published by Forbes in 2018, IoT will be a major player by the year 2020. Every device who’s starting word is “smart” will be associated with IoT. 

The central principle of IoT on mobile apps is to control any smart devices or connected devices remotely. IoT based mobile apps can monitor readings of devices and sensors, manage customer-focused solutions, analyze data & reports, and enterprise-grade tools as well. By considering the fact that the Internet of Things (IoT) technology has its potential, it is prime evidence that more businesses are going to use it.

IoT has proved and given us the prerogative of a technology that was implausible a decade ago. Going forward, not just in our workspaces or homes, with IoT systems we can control just about everything. The transportation industries can make high use of IoT based mobile apps with smart sensors coming into play.



If you’ve noticed Amazon listing out products recommended for you or recommended videos on YouTube or movies on Netflix, then, by all means, you already know what Machine Learning is and what it is used for. In short, Machine Learning can learn any processes from formerly stored data and our complete behaviors by observing our regular usage patterns and will implement requisite actions without having to give instructions. With Machine Learning subjecting in mobile apps the future will be more intuitive, interactive, and will offer genuinely personalized experiences.

Machine Learning has become highly effective in eCommerce mobile app industries. For example, Machine Learning can grasp our purchasing behavior from previously stored data. Therefore, the next time when we shop online, the app would spontaneously guide you through other wishful products without having to search for them. Every mobile app development company is now moving towards implement Machine Learning to learn their user behavior. 



Tech giants like Google and Apple have released their own AR kits (AR Core and AR Kit respectively) to assist with Android App Development and iOS App Development. As most people are aware, AR is not only associated with conventional gamins apps but also most regularly used tasks as well such as Google Translate. The AR feature enables you to start the camera mode within the software and will capture the image of the text you cannot read. The software then uses the AR technology to attempt to translate the text. 

Virtual Reality (VR) has raised its stakes as well in the v-commerce industry allowing users to try on clothes, test out gears and various other products prior to purchase. IKEA, Alibaba, and Pepperfry are offering a whole new dimension to mobile app users. AR & VR are the future of Mobile App Development.

According to market research, the global AR and VR market is expected to reach $571.42 Billion by 2025. 



Beacon are wireless transmitters that use Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) signals. The BLE will send signals to other nearby smart devices. Therefore, when a phone enters the beacon zone, the app would swiftly get tags and would provide applicable notifications and instructions for its users. Soon, we are likely to see an advanced form of Beacon enabled airports, mobile payments and even robotized personal beacons. 

With the use of Beacon technology, it can help build virtual tours more personalized, customizable and making information sharing highly secure and smoother. It’s sheltered to express that the Beacon innovation has a lot of possibilities in the coming year. Mobile app development companies like google are using this technology for the betterment of user experience.



As it sounds, Cloud Technology is mostly used to avoid an impact on the internal memory of a device. DropBox and Google Drive have become highly popular solutions. Cloud-based technology is packed with various benefits including more productivity, scalable architecture, seamless performance, and expandable storage. 

By integrating cloud technology into your app development strategy, can help you streamline your operations at a rapid rate. From startups to multinational companies, most of their mobile apps use an extensive database such as AWS (Amazon Web Service) as their cloud computing backup. Not only is it highly secure and can maintain a significant amount of data but it also helps to increase the reliability,  processing power and speed of your apps. Approximately all the mobile app development companies use Cloud to speed up their apps.



Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is an open-source framework project developed by Google to create better, faster experiences on the mobile web. AMP’s core is designed to allow developers to build heavy and sophisticated websites and pages with lightweight experiences, high-speed loading and high-end performances on mobile devices. With an adequate AMP score, businesses will gain far better conversion rates, maximum user retention, and diminishing bounce rates.



They say the sky’s the limit. The same goes for ChatBots. Chatbots have become very common in many different industries. Online shopping, food industries, and several others have already incorporated ChatBots as a part of their mobile apps. Every user appreciates quick and precise responses without having to call customer support and wait in a long queue for answers.

ChatBots have already taken various correspondence angles in our mobile world. Real-Time interactions between customers and their service providers make communication hassle-free and the upcoming features in the future will simplify people’s lives by assisting them in their day-to-day tasks. Therefore, if you haven’t integrated ChatBots to your mobile app yet, Then you must definitely consider it. Almost every Mobile App Development Company Like Vardhman Infotech use chatbots to provide support to their customers.



Microsoft and Apple have majorly played their roles in Wearable Technology-based gadgets. This technology is making huge waves among users. Starting from fitness trackers, smartwatches and even smart rings, these wearable gadgets have totally changed our ways of interaction with smart devices.

Programmers have enormous alternatives by integrating mobile apps with AR and IoT as well with wearable devices. We can say with certainty that wearables will influence the future mobile app generation. Mobile app development companies that focus on fitness or health are now using this technology to increase their business by providing their customers’ more accurate data. 



Among others, 5G technology has its advantages on speed, data security, 3D gaming, and even AR. With 5G technology, developers can enhance your mobile app functionality at a rapid rate. This technology is finally making a move this year and its benefits will usher the next-generation connectivity for businesses which would help in an unprecedented high-speed and high data capacity.

The year 2020 will soon see a remarkable focus on boosting the mobile app performances concluding in lower latency rapid data sharing and more higher bandwidth with the speed of 5G. 



Who wouldn’t love access to apps that don’t require any downloads or installations in order to use them? This is where Instant Apps come into the picture. 2020 will be showering extensive focus on instant app development. Basically, these apps not only need to be installed, but they are also way smaller in size, excellent user experience and much faster to use compared to regular apps that are dependent on hardware and storage capacities.

 In short, Instant apps are very much similar to native mobile apps that are capable of providing you a seamless user experience and memory-efficient services.



It is very exciting to see what the year 2020 has in store for mobile app development

Every new technology blooms newer possibilities and with it could also become strenuous to adapt to it quickly but, all these can be made much easier by understanding these trends. Integrating such major trends into your mobile app is considered a huge leap. For that, you need a trusted mobile app development company that follows such an innovative mobile app trend. Dive into what the future holds for us and thrive to make your business better, simpler and faster.


Written by Umesh Palshikar

February 26, 2020


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