Balancing Budget and Quality in App Building

January 29, 2021

Balancing Budget and Quality in App Building


In our many discussions regarding mobile app development, most of our topics revolve around the technology. But there is one area of the process that doesn’t get as much attention from developers while being the main focus of a significant majority of their clients – the budget.

At the end of the day it really doesn’t matter whether you’re experts on machine learning, IoT, or AI if the client can’t afford any of it. This adds another layer in an already thick croissant of issues developers need to face if they want to monetize their skills.


As the experts, the clients will be looking to you for a quote because they have no idea how hard any of this is. It’s up to you to put a price on your worth and then square that with what the clients need, along with what they can pay. This is something that our team went through with our latest client.


They were something of a startup and didn’t have much funds to commit to the project. This is understandable as everything they do is a gamble at this stage. They can’t afford to be loose and casual as every decision carries the weight of their possible future on it.


Fortunately, we were able to reach a deal that worked for both of us. We got a price that motivated our team to give their best work, and they got an app that exceeded their expectations. As a result of this positive experience, this particular client approaches us with new projects whenever needed.


This is where the importance of minding the client’s budget lies – making them come back. If developers are unwilling to negotiate with clients, especially the ones that are starting out, they will not think of you when a similar need arises. Affordability in terms of quality is what gets developers included in company lists for the best resources for businesses. Word of mouth still goes a long way in this SEO dominant world and there is no gain by disregarding it.


The main takeaway here is that developers should seriously consider studying their competitor market as well as negotiation strategies. The first will determine how much they’re worth, while the latter will help them convince clients to agree to as close to that value as possible.


Business savvy still plays a big part in the tech world and you need a partner that understands that. Fill out our contact form and set an appointment with us to get your project off the ground as soon as possible.

Written by Janani

January 29, 2021


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