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Latest Trends In Mobile Technologies Around The World

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October 20, 2014

Before we start discussing the latest trends in mobile technologies, we need to know about the population using smartphones. Nowadays, more than 1.75 billion smartphone users around the world are enjoying mobile technology to improve their lifestyle. The population of youth is higher in the percentage of people using the latest and trendy smartphones. Yes, they are smart enough to understand the uses and benefits of mobile technology. Moreover, youth are aware of smart gadgets and technologies. Not only that, most of them know what they need from the next release before even consuming their current facilities. So, one has to know the latest trends in mobile technologies around the world.

They are educated, aware and smart while choosing their next smartphone. So, if you want to keep your customers entertained then understanding the latest trends in mobile technology would be the major element to be considered. Android, iOS, and Microsoft are the major platforms for mobile applications.

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Latest or upcoming mobile technologies grabbing the attention in the market

  • Mobile developers are striving over smooth transitions for functions like page refresh, page sliding, drop down effect, link clicking and functional response of different elements applied on a facility. Quality and beautification of the web have become a major element for mobile developers. With 4K and Retina screens, very much there in use, we can see mobile websites resemble the quality and efficiency of a mobile app in 2014.

Going beyond feature phones

The world of mobile technology is big and mobile development is going beyond feature phones. The demand for fully functional operating systems will soon be fulfilled. This will rope in high-end mobile phones powered with technologies like Mozilla’s mobile Firefox OS and Ubuntu OS.

This will surely catch your attention and interest. The A7 chip has the plans to expand its limits beyond Apple’s dome. The chip-making giant Qualcomm along with Samsung has plans to implement comparable chips along their new product lines. This will permit the mobiles apps to act better and responsive coupled with increased memory and advanced graphics capacity tracing different functional aspects.

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New Apps changing Smartphones and Lifestyle

You have heard about IBM Watson mobile app that will soon be reaching to the developers worldwide. The general users can obtain this app where they can ask questions to The North Face kiosk software for more aware, thoughtful and contextual answers. This app would surely have a great impact on the future apps and their corresponding utility which will follow in a real-life scenario.

Smartphones are going to be more primed with fitness technology apps. By the end of this year, your smartphone will get the technology that powers FitBit and RunKeeper. The innovation is the key here and this technology is going to get rich in reading and displaying the matter. Moreover, it will consume less energy. Spatial sensitivity, personalized triggers, and filtered measurement will be all over there with this impactful change in making.

After Behaviour Tracker Pro App, now iPhone 5S would soon track your shopping behavior. This app will surely make you feel well-advanced and high-tech.  Your iPhone can know what you purchase frequently, what your shopping choices are, which brands you shop most and how do you go about selecting your stuff. Its great capacity and range are powered by iBeacon. These features and more will work with the help of super-sensitive device sensors embedded within your iPhone.

Microsoft Windows’ Modern Flat design app was a range among the commercial sector including the giants like Apple and Google, quite recently. Well, now this approach towards the new idea of design is expected to appear quite a lot with a popular app and web designs across various platforms.

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