How to Build a Restaurant Guide App Like Zomato, Clone Zomato

February 1, 2019

Dining out has become a favorite pastime for the people now. Conversely, with the increase in the number of restaurants, it is difficult to select a good one. The comfort of ordering food from wherever we are is the finest thing we can get. We can use Restaurant guide app like Zomato or Yelp to perform various tasks. You can book a table in a restaurant or request for food delivery and leave a review of the restaurant. A food delivery app is of a new trend which acts as an alliance platform between the restaurants and customers. People are in need of a mobile app than a website.  In the following article, you can understand how to build a restaurant guide app like Zomato or clone Zomato and various aspects of it.

Zomato AppRestaurant

Guide App Like Zomato

Developing a food ordering app like Zomato or Yelp is, now, simple with the development of new tools and technologies. Depending on the type of app that you are creating, you may have to follow a few recommendations and some standards. Developing an app is not just to develop your own business, but to generate revenue as well. Many of the app development companies are targeting to create apps covering all the platforms. What if your regular customers go back in despair because of over crowd? How will you make sure to give the feel of being at your restaurant to your customer without actually being there?

A mobile app like Zomato would answer that. By developing a restaurant guide app or a Zomato clone for your eatery and offering your clients a reason to download and install it. The eating place will at all times be with them in their smartphones. With just one click,  they will have the tariffs, contact details, locality, additional deals, vouchers, and much more. Knowing about how to build a restaurant guide app like Zomato will help you develop a successful restaurant finder app.

When you plan to clone a restaurant guide app similar to Zomato, you must include the following services:

Services in a restaurant guide app or Zomato clone

Design and development process of a restaurant guide app

Design the look and feel

Many times, app users evaluate mobile apps based on their look and feel. Your app must be visually interesting. It must showcase your business system without negotiating on its ultimate task of making a user install the app.

Selecting the appropriate technology before commencing the development is vital. It is based on your financial plan, technology, and landscapes required to be included in the app. The options you opt with will straightaway impact your overall budget and effort required for the development process. The goal is to create a perfect, clean and simple all-inclusive application. The more customization you offer to a client can increase the chance of retaining them for a longer term.

In addition, you can make this an augmented reality app or can use blockchain business applications to make it robust. 

  1. The core development steps

    1. Creation of Login page
    2. Let users search for various restaurant services and place orders as per their requirements
    3. Implement payment methods and checkout
  2. Testing and Roll-out

Testing is an essential part of the design and development of any website, eCommerce, M-commerce or mobile app. Whether you are developing an on-demand mobile app or an augmented reality app, you need to test it before roll out. Similarly, it is applicable to Restaurant Guide App Like Zomato or Clone Zomato.

Let us now categorize the functions of a restaurant finder app.

Features and Functions of a Restaurant Guide App Like Zomato

Compulsorily, a developer has to include few features in a Restaurant Guide App Like Zomato. Below is the list of must-have features of Zomato clone. 

Must-have features

  • Admin panel — a section to moderate and manage the orders
  • User profile- Complete details of the user including ordering history, contact details, etc. The user profile must have options to save payment options for easy payment, past orders.
  • Search options- Location based feature that lets the user find and locate nearby restaurants. By the means of a list or map, the restaurant locating system shows all the nearby restaurants. From the list, users can pick to place an order.
  • Restaurant profile – Complete profile of a restaurant including user reviews, ratings, menus, cost, etc. Effortless and rapid order placement should be enabled through the app. This must be done after a thorough viewing of the lists. The facility to include or remove items from an order is essential. A final order copy must be displayed before the user finishes the payment.
  • Booking tables- Users should be able to block table along with time as per their schedule
  • Sorting options- Buffets, only Veg, Highly rated, Ambience, Kids Friendly, Wi-fi enabled, etc. 
  • Payment options- Make ideal payment options available. Payment dispensation must be rapid and safe. Imparting option for various payment methods is a good idea. 

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Additionally, a developer has to include few features in a Restaurant Guide App Like Zomato. Below is a list of additional features of a Zomato clone. 

  • Additional features

  • Favourite’s list- Users should be able to mark their favorite restaurants separately
  • Discounts and offers – Discounts and offer codes must be made available in this section. This will help you associate and examine your users, their likings, and your business perspective.
  • Ratings and review- Customers should have an option to leave their own personal comments and rating about the restaurant. Allowing customers to rate or evaluate food, restaurant ambiance, delivery facility, etc., either visibly or confidentially.
  • Images- Users should be able to add images of the restaurant while providing their review comments
  • An integral tracker to track the order status will work great. Moreover, Google Maps incorporation for route identification will be an added benefit. This helps to avoid a lot of trouble for both the end users and the restaurant people.
  • Integration with social media accounts – Users should be able to share about the restaurant from their social accounts.
  • Registration via social networks — Simple registration features letting people use the app easily. A simple, speedy, and striking sign-up page is the primary step in captivating a new client’s reliability.

Hire Mobile Developers

With the increase in the usage of mobile applications and smart devices, the idea of developing such Zomato clone apps will be really useful to all.  Before beginning with the development, make sure to consider the user’s requirements. Please consider hiring a world-class app development company to build a restaurant guide app like Zomato. 

Mobile App development company

Vardhaman Infotech is a reputed mobile app development company delivering various types of mobile apps to overseas and domestic Indian customers. The company develops simple mobile applications, on-demand mobile apps to augmented reality apps. You can rest assured about the quality and cost. If you are from overseas especially from America or the UK, Canada, New Zealand or Australia I share a piece of useful information. 

India has cost-effective quality development centers. Vardhaman Infotech delivers cost-efficient solutions without compromising on quality. Hence, the company is a preferred destination for IT outsourcing from countries like the US or the EU. What’s more, hundreds of satisfied global clients rely on Vardhaman Infotech for their Mobile app, eCommerce and web development.  Wanna begin?

And if you’re uncertain about where, to begin with, or in need of any suggestion related to development, Contact Us. We are happy to help you anytime! Thanks!

Written by Shveta Tavani

February 1, 2019


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