eCommerce Website Design and Development in Jaipur

May 8, 2019

eCommerce website development in Jaipur

Nowadays, eCommerce website is a need for most of the businesses. Business enterprises and individuals endeavor to develop their own eCommerce applications. Being a technology hub, Indian city Jaipur has many development centers. A few companies are the best eCommerce website development ability and aptitude. It can be a good choice to engage with an eCommerce development company in Jaipur. We will discuss, para by para, eCommerce, about the website, about plan and design, and about eCommerce development in Jaipur. Also, a brief description of Jaipur city, its heritage, arts, culture, and business will delight you.  Please stay with us till the end.

What is eCommerce and eCommerce website?

The alphabet e refers to the word electronic and here it means digital. Everybody knows the word commerce that means business or trade. When an enterprise or business organization sells its product or provide services through a digital medium (website or mobile app), it is called eCommerce. generally, businesses perform their eCommerce (sell goods or services) through a website or web portal and these are eCommerce websites. Sometimes, people refer to eCommerce websites as eCommerce platforms. Wanna know more about eCommerce website and about eCommerce development in Jaipur?

Popular eCommerce websites and platforms

Nowadays, Amazon, Flipkart, Uber, Swiggy, Make My Trip,  are some of the most popular eCommerce websites or web platforms. However, there are hundreds of thousands of eCommerce websites selling goods or rendering their services all over the world. Many times they serve local markets and few of them have a global reach. eCommerce portals like Amazon sell almost everything to almost all markets in the world. To do so, robust eCommerce portals like Amazon also use artificial intelligence and big data for analytics. Whereas, Uber, having a global reach concentrates to one service, riding services. In other words, they are in the Taxi business.
Several companies work locally. For example, several gemstone and jewelry companies in Jaipur operate for the local market. We know that Jaipur, the pink city, is known for its gemstone business. In nutshell, eCommerce is a selling platform for business organizations or even individuals to sell their goods or services locally or globally. M-commerce is a new type of eCommerce that operates through mobile applications.
Shoppingat eCommerce website

Couple buying at eCommerce website          Source-Pexels

eCommerce website development plan

Introducing eCommerce and websites, now, I am coming to the development process. eCommerce development is a part of Information Technology or IT. It involves several complicated processes from design to deployment. However, information gathering and planning of an eCommerce website is the most critical part of the development.
An experienced eCommerce website development company deploys its team to gather information about the intended venture. They talk to their clients and third parties to gather information not only about the intended website but also the business and market. Market size, nature of goods or services, customer segmentation, niche market, etc are the various factors to know about.
To illustrate, let us talk about Jaipur. Jaipur, mainly, is a B2B market for gemstones. Whereas, the pink-city is a tourist place and the market for jewelry is primarily B2C. Hence, the business type is to be kept in mind while planning.
The planning team, thereafter, prepares a plan for the layout, design, and architecture of the eCommerce website. The plan also includes several other factors such as domain name registration and web hosting. In addition, they have to select the required technology to build eCommerce.
eCommerce Website Discount Sale Advertisement

Discount Sale Boutique Advertisement  Source- Pexels

eCommerce website design and development

The design team of an eCommerce development company, then, comes into the picture. The design includes the website theme, layout, font, color, navigation, and above all site architecture. Web design is a mixture of both art and technology. So, an adequate mixture of both can create an eye-catching website.
Jaipur is a technology hub. On the other hand, it is famous for its arts and culture for centuries. Hence, designers in Jaipur are prone to amalgamate art with technology.
Now, the development part where the team of developers starts coding. Before, they have to select a technology or a platform to be used. WordPress, open cart, woo commerce, and Magento are some of the well-known platforms eCommerce website development company use.

Testing and deployment of eCommerce website

The eCommerce website development company, then, require to test the product to ensure quality delivery. The website can be passed only after rigorous testing. This is a very important aspect which several companies ignore. This causes, in turn, a severe lack of quality.
The eCommerce development company has to deploy the website on a trusted hosting site. Not to forget is payment integration. Now, it is ready to use and the seller can upload products for sale. It is better to have an SSL certificate for a secured view.
Beautiful Adolescent Brunet shopping at eCommerce website

Adolescent shopping at eCommerce website Source- Pexels

Jaipur, the Pink City, India

Wanna know about Jaipur, the Pink City in India? It’s capital of Rajasthan state. In addition, it is situated in the golden triangle of Indian tourist map along with Delhi, capital of India and the Tajmahal fame Agra. Pink city is actually pink as all the buildings in the walled city are painted with Indian pink color. Jaipur is an old and heritage city. Maharaja Sawai Jaisingh built this city in the eighteenth century and transferred his capital from Amber to Jaipur.  Vidyadhar, a renowned Bengali town planner, planned and designed this unique city.

The beauty of the city lies in its architecture. Vidyadhar designed the city as a square. Further, the big square is divided into 9 small squares. A wall surrounds the pink city to protect its citizens from any outside military attack. Moreover, it has several gates such as Sanganeri gate, Ajmeri gate, Jorawar Singh gate, etc. In addition, there are Chowks or Chaupads likes of Manak Chowk, Ramganj Chaupad, etc.

Monuments and Marvels in Jaipur

Jaipur has several beautiful monuments for tourists to visit. The most famous is the Hawamahal, the wind palace. In fact, it is the icon of Jaipur. Also, Jaipur is a fort city; Amber, Jaigarh, and Nahargarh are three huge forts which were protecting Jaipur through the medieval age. The City Palace and Moti doongri are the official residences of the former royal family. Jantar Mantar, the obituary is the oldest and biggest obituary in the world. There are several temples, palaces, gardens, museums, and other places to attract tourists and visitors.

Hawamahal, The Wind Palace in Jaipur

Hawamahal, The Wind Palace in Jaipur Photo Pixabay

Art, Craft, Culture, and Business in Jaipur

Sawai Jaisingh had great foresight. He, therefore,  invited talents from all walks of life from all over the world. In turn, this developed Jaipur as a center of art, craft, and culture. Additionally, it built Jaipur as a city of knowledge. Several trades developed and flourished in the pink city in the royal patronage. Gems and Jewelry, carpet, Blue Pottery, Marvel are few to name. Large numbers of exporters from Jaipur lives in the US, the UK, Germany, Dubai, etc. Similarly, buyers and tourists come here from all over the world. This creates a cosmopolitan business culture in Jaipur.

NB: Vardhaman Infotech, Jaipur launched worlds first KALQ keyboard– Android App on April 30, 2013. Worldwide news media reported the launch that increased the reputation of the Jaipur based Company and made it famous in the technology world.

Information Technology Development in Jaipur

Jaipurites are born entrepreneurs. Hence, they established and developed modern businesses along with the traditional ones. In the last two decades, Jaipur has turned into a technology hub from a gemstone hub. Now, a large number of IT companies are operating here delivering mobile apps, blockchain applications, AI, and of course, eCommerce and M-commerce. Surprisingly, some Jaipur citizens are doing well in Silicon Valley. Overseas companies, especially from the US and the EU prefer to outsource their IT works to Jaipur companies.

eCommerce SEO and digital marketing

 A developer or a development company has to be careful about on-page SEO while developing eCommerce or any other website. This is an important factor often ignored! Internal link building is another critical part of SEO. Orphan pages (without linked to another page of the same website) set a bad example. Several other factors, such as keywords, too, influence internal or on-site SEO. Only a handful of competent eCommerce website development company can address all these issues.
Customer is the king while its in business. Similarly, content is the king in a website. eCommerce website isn’t an exception. Now, what is content? Text, image, video, animation or any multimedia; all are contents. Choose your content carefully, treat it like a king!
External Linking plays a crucial role in driving traffic and SERP ranking. It also determines page authority. Normally, more qualified links mean a better search engine ranking. One cannot neglect the role of social media in digital marketing. Hence, social media optimization or SMO plays a vital role in the digital marketing of eCommerce website.
What do you think? Can an unqualified or inexperienced eCommerce website development company manage all these? If not, go to an experienced and qualified company for your eCommerce website development project.

eCommerce website development in Jaipur

Now, come to the right place. Jaipur is a technology hub for IT. Thousands of development companies operate here. Not all of them are competent nor capable of handling complexities, mentioned above,  of the project. Vardhaman Infotech is among the few skillful, sophisticated, and capable companies ready to handle technical and other complications of an eCommerce project. Moreover, only a few companies know the difficulties business entrepreneurs like you face while driving an eCommerce venture.
eCommerce development company Jaipur logo

Vardhaman Infotech

I cannot finish without saying these words. Developing an eCommerce website or eCommerce mobile application is very expensive in the US, The EU, Australia, Canada or New Zealand. No doubt, most of the companies contribute to quality. But, price or cost do matter!
What if you get similar quality at a much lesser price from a development company in Jaipur? Everybody knows that India is a much cheaper place for the development of any IT product including eCommerce websites. Many times development cost is reduced from 25 to 75 percent.  Therefore, the sub-continent is the preferred destination for IT outsourcing.
So, why to wait? Please feel free to Contact Us or drop a mail to order your dream eCommerce website. Thanks.

Written by Jyoti Kothari

May 8, 2019


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