Android L – New Version of Android OS

August 4, 2014
New Version of Android L

For each industry, there are numerous practices that have varied over the period of time through the unvarying efforts of the domain evangel catalogs. Android app development is no different. The best practices have been documented and followed in order to make the best likely use of available tools and techniques, avoid laziness and bugs, and speed up development and release. The smartphone apps market is ruled by uniqueness in interface design, business ideas, ease of use, and faster time to market. Android App Developers In India are building quality mobile applications both for India and the rest of the world. The success of a business app depends on the time to market and this trust of faster growth with minimum bugs.

Android Apps are trendy. There are millions of Android Applications available in the Google Play Store and other stores. Hence, people are downloading free and paid apps from the stores. And at an accelerated speed every day. Startups and Enterprises are providing their services and selling goods through these platform in an ever-increasing rate. That is why Android Apps are high in demand. Android Mobile App Developers In India is also, sailing with the trend. They are developing not only for India but also for the US, the EU, Japan, South Korea, the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and the entire globe. Cost of Android app development is significantly less in India. However, that’s without compromising on quality.

Android App Developers In India develop quality applications at a competitive rate. They are much cheaper than the rest of the world. As a result, most of the developed and rich countries including America, the US, Great Britain, the EU countries are outsourcing to India. Owing to the quality and cost-effectiveness, India is a preferred destination for outsourcing Android app development.

This is the basic reason why Android application development firms hire quality app developers. They hire those who understand the essential factors of adhering to the best programming and development works.

Android OS is continually updating providing ease and adding new features for the customers. Android L is the latest version at the time of writing the blog.

The New Version of Android OS- Android-L

Android L, a new version of Android, is on its toes to take the Android OS system receives to a level up. The big news for Android L is the vary to the way it looks – and it’s going well beyond the mobile phone to the tablet, TV screen, watch and even the car. Market specialists have believed that the Android L operating system shall open up a surplus of opportunities in the domain of Android application development. 3D tiles that slide over one another and most significantly, contact for developers to use this for themselves on their applications. Roboto font has been modified, so all from watch to TV to mobile looks the same.

The Android app development industry is certainly ecstatic upon the release of the new Android L OS. The new operating system is added with all the features that one look for in a phone. It shall have all the rapid and efficient features that will support the cause of fast application updates and notifications. Notifications on Android L are getting a revamp. So, it shows only the more appropriate information about your apps. Moreover,  it has united the notification panel with the lock screen. That’s why you can see what’s going on as you raise up the phone and an easy swipe up takes you into the phone.

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More on Android L

Suppose that the lock screen is similar to the notifications panel now, and you’re beautiful much there. Android L will also increase your mind power and you learn more, fulfill what you look at and interact with more often to prioritize that notification.

Android L is faster, better looking, and more competent. Battery Power and Android L are going to become more proficient. IT Experts say that there is a various look forward to with this new addition in the Smartphone world.

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Some Plus Points in Android L Operating System

1. Better battery life. Maybe also by reducing the update frequency.
2. Better User Interface.
3. Add local dictionary file for each country so typing is easier
4. Support HTML 5 better
5. Better security and others

Vardhaman Infotech- World-class Android developers in India

Mobile application development firms are already considering upon Android L. They are working to make the best application for this much awaited operating system. The search to hire android application developers has started. You know that is the most important part of the successful launch of this operating system across different mobile handsets. Android application development has become essential for all business as the use of mobile phones has been going up significantly.

Vardhaman Infotech, a world-class tech company in India, provides Android Mobile App development services that cater to your needs and aspirations. We assist you to transform your business into a money-making venture. Our team of Android application developers has kept themselves up-to-date with the essential skills to use the new features in the Android apps industry. This gives us the confidence to build ideal apps for you. Please feel free to Contact Us.

Written by Darshan Kothari

Founder of Vardhaman Infotech - Blockchain & AI development Company. Developed world's first KALQ Keyboard. Thiel fellowship runner up. Love reading books.

August 4, 2014


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