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January 30, 2019

When it is the matter of app development, JavaScript frameworks are the most preferred platform for a programmer as well as the businesses. You might have explored a few JS framework too. JavaScript is rapidly growing and is turning out to be stable and effective. Developers use these frameworks predominantly to develop a lively up-to-date application, real-time messaging, eCommerce related web apps or mobile apps.

JavaScript is the world’s most widely implemented technology. Let it be user interfaces or scripting server sides or client-side or building robust web pages, JavaScript plays an important role in it. The learning curve for JavaScript includes a wide variety of development tools to JavaScript library functionalities.

Why opt for JavaScript frameworks?

This question arises in every user’s mind. While JavaScript has a lot of advantages than any other frameworks. Conventionally, web page content is created in the server, and recovering new data might need a page to reload. JavaScript easily fetches the data from both the client and server side rendering the web pages fast. These JavaScript frameworks have been enhanced to showcase efficiency and output in an optimal way. Listed below are some advantages of using a JavaScript framework.

  1. Integral HTML templates: Data shown on your website can be easily aligned and formatted using the Component-based pattern: Demonstrating site data via self-reliant modules is the idea. This offer content reclaims because of which the content is standard across the pages.
  2. Strong data control: The state of the application is managed through the data models available offering a stronghold over the content
  3. Rapid performance: To-be rendered content is kept in the virtual DOM and hence the current updates are only made to the actual DOMS.
  4. Build tools and services: Extensive availability of build tools allow the user to utilize them to the maximum extent
  5. Safe: JavaScript Frameworks is backed up by a large community. The group members test and solve any safety-related questions and also offer support.
  6. Well-organized: Presence of regulated in-built utilities and arrays allow faster completion of development. The code re-utilization capabilities allow the developers to write fewer codes.
  7. Cost: As these frameworks are open source, the overall cost of development is considerably lower.

JavaScript is advancing at a rapid speed and there is endless stress to add new expertise to your depository. So to keep yourself updated, you must be aware of the various top JavaScript frameworks that are available.

React Native vs Flutter vs Ionic vs Native Script vs PWA

Frameworks Reactive JavaScript 

Reactive web app building is all about receptiveness, flexibility, scalability, and accurateness. Using ReactJs framework we can develop applications and software packages reactive to the real-time loads. In React you just begin to write the code, where you don’t have to generate any components. You may involve some basic setup but you can show the components as functions directly. ReactJs involves no exceptional syntax. If you know JavaScript well, React is very simple to work with. Owing to its one-way data binding nature debugging is an easy task with react.

  1. Cross-platform oriented
  2. Highly versatile
  3. Small learning period
  4. Easy to set-up
  5. Concurrent architecture

Javascript Frameworks – AngularJS vs NodeJS vs ReactJS


Angular.js is a common open source front-end framework which is primarily used for creating vibrant single-page web applications (SPA). This allocates all the data from the server to the web browser and loads the webpage concurrently. By extending and covering the HTML syntax, this specific framework assists you to build applications with desired functionalities. AngularJs offers the best Dependency Injection solutions. It affords subsequent core modules which can be introduced into every other single module as dependencies.

  1. Multi-way data binding
  2. DOM operations
  3. Enhanced and reactive server performance
  4. Rapid application prototyping
  5. MVVM architecture

Hire AngularJS Developers


Backbone.js is a simple JavaScript library and is a compatible framework for controlled code sets. This allows the developers to build applications that run across web browsers. It has MVP network, which extracts the content into prototypes, DOMs into multiple views and encompasses them by the means of events. Backbone offers various types of building elements like models, views, events, routers, and collections for putting together client-side web applications. It has lenient dependence with jQuery and a firm reliance on Underscore.js.

  1. Models hold the shared data for an application
  2. Coordinates both data and business logic
  3. Pays attention for changes and renders UI
  4. Triggers events when data change happens


Developers prefer EmberJs to build applications. This remarkable framework lets you create web applications effortlessly with good speed. The environment is good to work with. There are tools and libraries for everything. The nature of add-ons is usually very good. Because of an extended framework, the learning arc is a bit long.

  1. High performance
  2. Ember CLI improves the development speed
  3. Good availability of documentation features
  4. Data encapsulation features
  5. Well-structured
  6. Has its own debugging tool called Ember Inspector

AngularJS Framework And Its Different Releases Till Date


Vue.js is an optimal choice for easy development of multi-platform applications. One of the biggest pros of Vue.js is the size. The scope of this framework is 18 to 21KB and hence it is very easy to download and setup. The users can effortlessly add Vue.js to their project owing to its simple configuration. Vue.js is also widely held in the middle of the web developers as it enables them to incorporate with already prevailing applications.

  1. Simple and easy to implement
  2. Multi-root templates
  3. Structured documentation
  4. Support for an iterable code of behavior with v-for
  5. Reactive refs
  6. Appropriate both for simple and intricate apps
  7. Conventional v-model modifiers for two-way binding

Meteor Js

To create business logic or to develop both front-end and database meteor can be used. This full-stack platform allows a quick building of complete web and mobile applications in clean JavaScript. Because of its segmental organization, all the resources and libraries can be called easily. When it comes to performance, any kind of change made to the database is instantly transferred to the UI. Hence, on the other hand, with no apparent time loss, the server also responds promptly. Meteor abridges the process as it follows the isomorphic development environment (IDevE) for developing real-time web applications from the beginning.

  1. Live reload
  2. Spontaneous CSS and JS modification
  3. Cordova PhoneGap alliance
  4. Full stack solution
  5. Responsive templates


We have reviewed the most in-demand top JavaScript frameworks that are controlling the software development sector. Here’s the understanding:

A business must follow a considerate methodology to make a conscious selection of JavaScript frameworks. The platform chosen must address and resolve key questions such as — What, When, and How. User-friendliness, adaptability, flexibility, and maintainability are some of the main aspects that decide the technology selection. Business owners must refer to the development team while selecting the JavaScript Framework. We assume that by now you can select the appropriate framework for your business. Always remember that trial and error, along with a professional outlook is the best way to go.

We, at Vardhaman Infotech,  are always around to help you. Our JavaScript developers and managers are proficient to answer queries that come from various frameworks (react or angular or Vue js or Ember) and other functionalities. Feel free to comment and Contact Us anytime. Thanks!

Written by Shveta Tavani

January 30, 2019


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