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Increase Your Sales by up to 300 Percent!

You can increase your profit by boosting your sales and that by up to three hundred percent! The eCommerce website has brought tremendous opportunities to the retailers, shopkeepers, B2B marketplace and especially to the small and medium businesses. Our design and development processes make it easy to use, efficient, and cost-effective. An eCommerce website is your online showroom that runs 24X7, 365 days without any interruption, having a global reach. You can sell your Products and Services any time and to customers from anywhere without spending for a brick and mortar store.

Create Your Online Store and Start Selling Today

  • You can rely upon Vardhaman Infotech, The Open Cart and PHP eCommerce or shopping website makers for creating your very own Shopping complex, the Online Store. The design and development company is one of the best among the web site development companies in Jaipur. We also offer low-cost web solutions looking into the budget constraints of the MSMEs across the industries. You can always Upgrade and Add Features as your business grows.
  • NB: Vardhaman Infotech specializes in the trades and industries like Jewelry, Handicrafts, Garments, and Tourism; the main businesses in Jaipur, the Pink city and twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad.

Hassle free! Empowering You to Focus on Your Core Business!

  • Our Web solutions empower you to focus on your core business and grow exponentially! Concentrate and put all your energy into sales to boost your profit. Our eCommerce website will manage rest of the things (mostly) automatically. It can manage your inventory, Push your products to varied Marketplaces, and receive your payment through Payment Gateway integration. You can even solve your Shipping problems by third-party shipping provider integration.
  • On go, you can have a Mobile E-commerce store too, working on a Mobile Application.

Ecommerce website design features

Businesses have changed since the advent of technology. Buyers are much more service-hungry.

What you need is responsive navigation and solid architecture that will help you stay ahead of the curve and acquire customer loyalty.
Our eCommerce website designing company in Jaipur works on latest technology, creative ideas, unique designs, unlimited resources, and overwhelming experience to heighten your business potential.

    • Open source
    • SEO, SMM integration
    • Multi-Vendor Login
    • Payment Gateway integration
    • Management of Product Reviews & comments
    • Shipping integration and product tracking
    • Multi-lingual
    • All features of shopping cart
    • Open to a multitude of hosting servers
    • Catalog and brand management
    • Content management
    • Automated emails
    • Simplified customer and order management

Ecommerce web development
and payment gateway integrations

The payment gateway feature is an essential component of ecommerce web development. We prioritize security and efficiency the most as we understand the risks to personal information like credit cards and addresses.
Moreover, we deliver payments to the intended recipient securely by integrating payment gateways offered by numerous service providers in such a way that none of the essential features (mentioned below) are skipped.

  • Compatibility on all platforms
  • Real-time processing of credit cards
  • Updated currency conversions
  • Ability to handle multiple users and payments
  • Reasonable pricing
  • Secure, encrypted financial information processing
  • Ability to accept all types of credit and debit cards
  • Allow offline payments and manage PayPal accounts
  • Manage locations
  • Separate fields for promo codes, coupons, and discounts


Ecommerce website design services:
Shipping provider integrations

Once a purchase is made, the customer always wants the item shipped as soon as possible. Not only that, the item must reach the destination undamaged. There are plenty of other factors that determine the quality and haste of shipping.

Our ecommerce web development company integrates shipping features at checkout by tying the entire process with the facilities provided by the best couriers and shippers. Here are the features offered by shipping providers with whom we’ve tied-up.

    • Dynamic and static storage of shipping rates based on product dimensions, weight, currency, and geographical location
    • Freedom to affix constant pricing or percentage for specific orders
    • Integrate and set free shipping facility
    • Manage fields for shipping discounts and promo codes


Ecommerce website packages
with marketplace integrations

According to studies conducted online, almost half of the online population trying to buy an item will visit major marketplaces. You don’t need to splurge heavily on marketing to get traffic. These marketplaces already have it; all you need is to prove your existence.

Our ecommerce web design strategy includes marketplace integrations so that you don’t only get noticed and drive sales, but also get exposed to a multitude of benefits mentioned below:


Mobility solutions by our
ecommerce design agency

Hand-held devices are going to replace computers in the future—this is a fact. That said, eCommerce should be introduced on mobiles and tablets with an app, if you haven’t done it already.
Our mobile application solutions for e-Commerce are top-of-the-line, with essential features to please both customers and retailers. Here’s a look at what you stand you get out of your endeavour when you sign-up with us.

    • Push notifications for quicker actions
    • Integration of payment and shipping gateways
    • Simple, non-lengthy registration process
    • Beautifully-designed themes
    • Custom logos and colour schemes
    • Quick web store to app updates
    • Multiple language support
    • Built-in analytics
    • Bookmarking feature and wishlists
    • Intelligent algorithms to display related products
    • Rapid checkout procedure

Search Engine Friendly

The search for a product ultimately takes a customer to search engines. They just don’t want to view the product at one marketplace, but across all web stores for the best deals. Moreover, they want to know what alternatives exist.

In such a scenario, you’d want your product to be at the top of the search engine rankings. Our eCommerce website design company’s development plan comes with such a strategy. Here are the features you’ll want your web store to possess:

    • Oversee dynamic tagging on all pages
    • Fine-tune META tags and dynamic title for categories
    • Arrange META tags and dynamic title for brand and product pages
    • Set URLs, META tags, and titles for attributes
    • Order homepage and site META tags and titles

eCommerce has certainly come as a blessing to the retailers and traders. Creating an online store is so easy that anyone can go to an E-commerce development Company and order a website. You can also join the league by ordering us for an eCommerce website. The web is your friend and tool, and you need not require any physical shop (site) to sell your products and/ or services. A website is a place where the web is your site.

An eCommerce website has the inbuilt ability to boost your sales. It is a workforce who never tires. It works for 24 hours, day and night, without break. It shows your products and services 365 days without claiming a single leave or vacation. Moreover, any physical store has a local reach whereas an online store has a global reach that can boost your sales manifolds. More and more buyers are inlining to online purchase, hence, the best way to boost your sell is having an eCommerce website, well designed and well developed and search engine friendly. An assumption is that sellers can increase their sales anything between 30 to 300 percent depending upon business model efforts incurred.

However, the success depends upon various factors such as web design, architecture, navigation and technology used to develop the website. We follow the best practices in the IT industry. Web design is not just a colorful combination of photographs or so. It is like an engineering design where architecture is very important. We are also careful about various designing aspects such as color, fonts, a combination of images etc.

PHP has become a popular language for web applications over the time. As an open source language, it has been developing at a very fast pace and is a choice of modern web developers worldwide. Hence, we develop websites in PHP. Open Cart is again a popular and easy to use PHP platform. Normally our eCommerce websites are based on Open Cart. However, we use other platforms too like Magento, as per the customer's requirement.

Gemstones, Jewelry, Handicrafts, Electronics, and Garments are the main products sold in the eCommerce stores. No wonder, most of our clients come from these sectors along with Travel and Tourism, a well-established service sector. Research and experience made us specialized in creating websites in these core fields.

We design and develop various types of eCommerce and other websites according to client's need across the industries. Vardhaman Infotech is one of the best web design and development Company among the herd of web development companies in Jaipur, the Pink city that has expanded its wings to the twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad.

Our Modus Operandi

Requirement Gathering

We listen to what you require and then draft a plan to move forward.

Prototyping - UI/UX

Our top mobile app developers design prototypes to give you a sketch of how the product feels and operates.


Like all elite app development firms, when you give us the green signal, we start putting all pieces together.


Top app building companies rigorously test finished product ensure that it’s error-free. Any improvements, recommendations are also introduced.


The finished product is launched. It’s monitored continuously for any errors.

Maintenance & Support

The best practice of nonpareil app development companies is to thwart breakdowns. We do the same, design upgrades and make sure they stick.


What Our Esteemed Patrons
Have To Say?

I am Munish Mehra, founder and CEO of Local Quest. Local Quest is an social networking cum on demand platform. In local quest user can request for various services and will be connected to various vendors available. I didn't have any prior app development experience before this app. I tried many programmers, freelancers for this project but all went in vein - no one was able to deliver a succesful project. Finally, I hired Vardhaman Infotech and team in Jaipur and we completed project on time with several add ons. It's easy to communicate with them, they are cost effective and have a team of professionals. I am looking forward to work with them on several upcoming projects. Thanks.
Munish Mehra Founder and CEO
I am into construction and jewlery company, here in New York. In todays scenarios it has bacame complex to monitor various processes involved in business on a regular basis. Decision making is difficult as you've data coming from various sources. That's where technology comes into play and we found that with Darshan at Vardhaman Infotech. They quickly understood our business goals and advised us on how to use technology for better tomorrow. Each and every process from sales, marketing, operations and finance was exceptionally done. We are working with them since last 5 years and looking forward for years to come.

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