Develop An eCommerce Marketplace App Like Olx, Letgo, and Quikr

January 18, 2019

Users are thankful for the internet revolution that has made shopping experience possible anywhere and anytime. This happened through the e-commerce marketplace apps like OLX, Letgo, and Quikr. With the evolution of digitization, the entire commerce sector has refurbished itself into eCommerce. Consumers have started to shop online easily from home! There are a number of ways to build an e-commerce marketplace app like Letgo, OLX, and Quikr. If you wish to develop an interactive app, there are a few approaches to do it. You can plan to involve expert development firm to do the work for you, or utilize the available handy script to build online marketplaces apps like Letgo, OLX, and Quikr.

eCommerce marketplace apps like OLX, Letgo, and Quikr

Almost 80% of customers today have a preference for a mobile application over a website. Hence if you create a suitable mobile app it will benefit all of the end users likes of sellers, buyers, vendors. While you build a classifieds marketplace app, the major challenge it has to face is to stay in the market for a long time and hold the users at various levels.

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eCommerce Website Design and Development in Jaipur

Most famous eCommerce giants are now aiming at improving their client experience. They are focusing on using a robust technology to create an unmatchable classified mobile app. An e-commerce app should essentially offer an online classified arena where users can buy and sell products. When you are building an app you must remember that it has to be a two-way application. Buyers and sellers on your app will generate product listing, acquire rankings, give feedbacks and rating. This will be a mutual platform for both to connect and understand products and the services. All of these essential elements must be incorporated to make it a successful eCommerce marketplace app like OLX, Letgo, and Quikr.

eCommerce development

Do’s before building e-commerce websites like Olx Letgo and Quikr:

Understanding the user’s needs:

Knowing the requirements of various types of users is the first step to create an app. Analyze and study the types of users before commencing the development process. Broad exploration is necessary to know the current tendencies in the market.

Identifying the target:

You must primarily research and identify the target customer, their needs and try to focus on a discrete set of consumers. The idea must be different enough to attract customers.

Design a theme for the app:

During this phase, apart from deciding the theme for the app, you can develop the eCommerce marketplace app’s structural design that will be appropriate for the app. When you build an e-commerce marketplace from the beginning, it is more adaptable to changes than a platform-based app. While planning on these, you must also lay emphasis on adding standard functionalities and a distinct user interface.

If you not a technically strong person, then you may have to rethink about building the app from the beginning. You can also choose to use the Letgo clone script or Letgo clone app which includes buy and sell features of any products through web and mobile.

Hire Mobile Application Developers

Stages involved in eCommerce marketplace development:

Stages involved in eCommerce marketplace app development

Stages involved in eCommerce marketplace app development

The most suggested method is to outsource the project development. There are many website-building packages offered by service providers, which has a wide variety of resources to implement and administer several types of apps. When you have decided to create a mobile app, you will have to know the main phases this process consists of. Below are the steps you will come across, regardless of the method you ultimately choose:

  • Service registration
  • Selecting the required template
  • Design customization
  • Create product cards
  • Setup payment methods
  • Setup Shipping options
  • Domain name registration
  • Publicize the website

Desired features of an ethical eCommerce marketplace app:

  • Built-In Units
  • Mobile Responsive
  • Multiple vendor support
  • Full-Page Caching
  • Free Expert Client Support
  • Huge Quantity of SKU’s
  • Search Engine Optimization techniques
  • Customer Breakdown
  • Various Stores
  • Full Page Caching
  • Have a simple registration process
  • Simple and uncluttered navigation
  • Permit customization
  • Show history and analytics
  • Push notifications
  • Free Professional Customer Support
  • Reliable products

Problems commonly faced by eCommerce marketplace apps

Remember while building a marketplace app like Letgo, OLX, and Quikr.

  • No connectivity between the vendors and customers. One of the keys dares met by is the lack of unified communication.
  • Unavailability of information regarding various buyers and sellers
  • Lack of Online Identity Confirmation system
  • Unknown competitors
  • Sustaining customer loyalty
  • Product returns and refund process
  • Lack of proper customer support services

To make an e-Commerce marketplace app successful build it reliable and secure. Apps must be developed to the primary emphasis on current market developments and also have a sense of the future markets. In addition, a bigger challenge for online apps is to explore and route the appropriate income sources to generate funds and keep going with the trade. Finding the right target and guessing the consequences is what is desired for the success of an e-commerce marketplace app. A mobile e-commerce app ought to target at offering an in-depth and exclusive experience that turns online shopping a much more comfortable and continuous process.

If you have decided to outsource the development of marketplace mobile app, you may have to explore various providers, know the past success ratio and then decide on. While it comes to the consistency you can always rely on us. We at Vardhaman Infotech, with a group of best developers, will help you build your app sooner as per your requirements. When the development is outsourced to us we help you to build the app at a low cost, where all the support and maintenance are taken care of. Come, join us to make your dream come true!

Written by Shveta Tavani

January 18, 2019


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