The Best Hybrid App Development Frameworks

April 19, 2019

The hybrid applications work harmoniously on many platforms without any disturbance. Using these frameworks, the users can easily build mobile and web apps effortlessly which can work across various technologies. Eventually, this leads to cost-effective software development. Native applications are usually time-consuming. Hence, the requirement for cross-platform or hybrid apps is very much essential. The most crucial point about this whole process is you need high-quality and advanced mobile app framework to build hybrid applications. So, you have to pick a portable structure wisely. Next, let’s have a look at the best hybrid Mobile app development Frameworks in 2019 by functionalities, features, and UX.

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The Best Hybrid Mobile App Development Frameworks

1. React Native: Hybrid App Development Framework with a unified structure

Facebook team has developed and supported, React Native, an open source framework. They built it using a JavaScript framework and lets you design a mobile application using JavaScript. Predominantly, it emphasizes the view of the app built. React Native has evolved as a feasible solution to make vivid apps and appealing UI components. Moreover, it employs the same fundamental user interface building elements as traditional iOS and Android apps. However, you can pull together the parts using React and JavaScript. While building mobile-based apps, you may not have to use plugins here as the framework offers a unified architecture.

2. Ionic: Hybrid Mobile App Development Framework, known for speed

This Open source SDK consists of all the aspects required to build native apps. Ionic is gaining popularity owing to the HTML5 based mobile app creation framework. This is intended for those themes which offer native user experience. Ionic possesses a rich set of elements such as simple components, collaborative patterns, typesetting, and an extensible base style. The Ionic team developed it on top of the AngularJs framework. Ultimately, Ionic is an extension of Angular with add-ons to change the approach of building mobile apps easily. The framework depends on Just-in-Time (JIT) compiling at run-time for Android devices and WKWebView browsers for iOS. You can test The apps built straightaway on the platform judged by the speed of the browser.

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Phone Gap: Hybrid Mobile App Development Framework for a lesser cost

It is a mobile app building framework that enables language stacks and add-ons widely used to build multi-platform mobile applications. Anyone with fundamental knowledge about HTML CSS and JavaScript can get into PhoneGap application development. With these resources, you can enable your team to offer the best class apps within a predefined timeline. An app that is built using PhoneGap framework displays compatibility with multiple operating systems including web applications. Therefore, it radically lessens app development and maintenance cost. In addition, PhoneGap consists of a few convenient development tools, which can significantly upturn the output of any team working with it.

Onsen UI: HTML 5 based Hybrid App Development Platform

Onsen UI is an HTML5 based mobile application development platform. The Onsen team has scripted UI libraries using JavaScript. Hence, the primary set of JS known developers can quickly adapt to this platform. Onsen UI has good documentation features. It is placed at two separate locations. In the “Components” section you can see various instructions along with duplicatable examples. The other section is a “Guide” where you can find the application builds process. Moreover, It has a package with ready-to-implement components which follow native Android and iOS design controls. Developers use Mobile Angular UI to create an HTML5 mobile app. This is a combination of AngularJs with Bootstrap in this framework.

Framework 7: Most preferred hybrid mobile app development framework

Framework 7 is the most preferred hybrid app development framework. Developers consider it as a robust, responsive and straightforward HTML framework. They use it for creating cross-platform apps with an original look and feel. Framework 7  offers the best feel and effortlessness. In addition, it is one of the vital prototyping and web development resources. You can also use this tool to showcase prototypes as and when required. The robust point of Framework 7 is undoubtedly the learning curve. With a transitional knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript you can give your hand-on over this framework.  Simply, you can eliminate UI click issues with the help of Framework 7’s FastClick library. Moreover, Framework7 has integrated grid system outline for positioning the components rapidly. It also rapidly loads pages from in-built prototypes with the help of flexible router API.

Xamarin:  Hybrid mobile app development framework using C#

Microsoft has recently procured Xamarin platform. Developers mainly use it to build applications for multiple platforms with a single shared .NET codebase. Made using Visual Studio, Xamarin-based apps are created using C#. Xamarin apps exploit C# and common codebases that offers 90% of aspects from every platform. Xamarin also enables rapid prototyping for developers to access shared codes. There is a considerable reduction in the time to market when apps are built using Xamarin. As soon as you update the source file, they can be implemented across the apps. This eliminates the need to alter the source code of every individual application.

For any development project picking suitable web technologies or framework is an important thing. Therefore while choosing any of the frameworks, you must carefully evaluate every facet of it like features, benefits or drawbacks.  As per many studies, these frameworks are considered to be the best and is the most favored for many businesses and programs. Now the choice is the right technology lies with you.

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Written by Umesh Palshikar

April 19, 2019


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