Blog Posts Round-Up from Vardhaman Infotech

April 21, 2019
Blog Posts Round-Up

We have been adding blog posts continually at Vardhaman Infotech since 2014. Our experts write blogs about technology- all about technology and the latest trends. Now, it is time to compile those in blog posts round-up. As you know that we have been in website design and development since 2010 and in mobile application development since 2013. Hence, most of our content is related to these technologies. We have started developing eCommerce websites with the trend and are also in Digital Marketing. Recently, we have come into Blockchain technology. Moreover, the tech-savvy generation is interested in reading our high-quality, content-rich blogs.

We have large numbers of overseas clients along with indigenous domestic customers. So, the blogs are written to maintain international standards. However, we also keep domestic customers in our minds.

Some of our clients and readers reminded us of an important thing. They love to read our articles. However, they find it difficult to get links to all the content in the blog posts. We, therefore, decided to create an index page, easily accessible to our readers. The index page will tell the readers about the content and they can read it at their convenience. Moreover, it will help them choose the technology posts in the blog Vardhaman Infotech.

How We Index Our Blog Posts at Vardhaman Infotech

technology blog index web mobile app eCommerce blockchain

Blogs related to technology must be niche and on point    Image: Copywriter Perth

As specified below, our technology blogs evolved over the years with the technology trend. We, therefore, are indexing the blogs according to technologies and trends. In the index, we have mainly classified technology blog posts into three major categories web and mobile app technologies and SEO. Soon, we will add a Blockchain category.  Of course, our readers will be kept informed of any addition in the future.

We have distributed our technology blog posts in sub-categories, too. This will help readers find topics of interest easily.

Mobile App Blog Posts Round-Up

You can find, in this section, several articles about mobile app development, various types of apps, the cost of mobile development, etc. Please follow the links to enhance your knowledge about mobile apps. Blogs that will enhance the importance and development process of mobile application development for both, developers and end-users.

index technology blog mobile application development

 Image: ValueCoders

How to make or create an app and find an app developer?

How to Establish Brand and Retain Customers in Gems and Jewelry with Mobile App?

Marco Polo Video Walkie-Talkie, an Instant Video Messaging App for Busy People

Mobile Wallet App – Features And Development Cost

Augmented Reality Apps- Features And Development Cost

Tips to Calculate Mobile App Development Cost

5 Most Dependable NFC Payment Apps Like Apple And Google Pay

Everything About Android Mobile App Development Cost

What Questions To Ask Before Developing A Mobile Application?

Cross-Platform Mobile App Development- Pros and Cons

Things To Remember While Designing Mobile Apps!

App Development Trends Probably Come In 2015!

Latest trends in Application Software Development!

Latest Trends In Mobile Technologies Around The World

Android App Developers In India

Popular Questions & Answers About Mobile Application Development

There are many questions on the internet, people ask about mobile app development. However, all the questions are either not answered or don’t have an adequate answer. Hence, our mobile app experts have written some blogs to cover most of these questions. So, read this. Enjoy this!

Mobile Application Development Questions and Answers

Mobile Application Development- More Questions and Answers Part 2

What are the most popular business mobile apps?

On-Demand Mobile App Blog Posts Round-Up

An on-demand mobile app is a current trend. Hence, most present days businesses rely on these on-demand apps. Also, users and customers feel comfortable with these apps while buying goods or fetching services.

tech blogs on demand mobile apps index

Blogs regarding developing and maintaining on-demand mobile applications  Image: OnDemandTec

Our blog writers have written several blogs about on-demand apps. Follow the links below.

On-Demand Mobile Apps Like Taxi And Food Delivery

Develop Real Estate App like Zillow Trulia

Building An App Like Uber For A Handyman

A Complete Guide To Building A Free Stock Trading App

How Much a Music Streaming App Like Pandora Radio Costs?

How Can You Develop A Real Estate App Like Zillow or Trulia

On-Demand Apps Like TaskRabbit – Makes Lives Simpler

Develop A Sports Betting App Like William Hill? – Features And Costing

How Much Does It Cost To Develop An App Like Yelp?

Cost Of Developing An On-Demand App That Offers Car Wash Service

Doctor On-Demand App Startups To Consider The Features

How to Build a Restaurant Guide App Like Zomato, Clone Zomato

Blockchain Blog Posts Round-Up

Blockchain technology is the latest buzz in the business world. Hence, we have started developing blockchain business applications and also writing blockchain blogs. This is our first blog on the topic and we hope to have more in the near future.

Blockchain Technology And Business Applications Trends

Blockchain New Business Opportunities Ideas And Applications 2019

What do blockchain developers actually do and how do they do it?

What is a Tron Smart Contract MLM?

This is a blog index of a world-class tech company. We will come up with more Blockchain blogs soon. Please stay tuned with us. Team Vardhaman.

NFT Blog Posts Round-Up

NFT Marketplace Development like

How to make a business model for NFT (Non-Fungible Tokens)?

The NFT Art Marketplace – A Record-Breaking Transformation

An Engaging Tour towards NFTs and their Exotic Trends

How To Develop An NFT Marketplace : Ultimate Guide

What is an NFT? How do NFTs work?

Digital Economy Blog Posts Round-Up

Business Secrets of Dhirubhai Ambani, Founder of Reliance Industries

Driving India to a $5 Trillion and $10 Trillion Economy: Modernization and Digitization

What can India learn from the US, China, and Japan to raise its GDP to $5 Trillion?

World-Class Companies and Infrastructure to drive India to a $5 Trillion Economy

Make in India, Made in India, Make for India- Opportunities for All

(NB: More links to blog posts about Web design and development, eCommerce, Digital marketing (SEO, SMO, etc), Technology frameworks, Business, etc follow at the end of the post)

History of Writing Blog Posts at Vardhaman Infotech

Early Years of Blog Posts

We have started our tech business in April 2010. First, we started a blog on May 31 at the blogger. We have kept posting business and technology news and blogs about other technology trends there till we have our blog section at Vardhaman Infotech, the official website of the tech Company.

It was our early years 2014 or 2015. Our developers were mainly into website design and development, and SEO. The trend in technology was also the same. Therefore, our blog writers were writing mainly on topics like website design and development along with SEO. Then, the trend changed and that converted us. Gradually, we have shifted to mobile app development and started developing both web and mobile apps. Our blog writers also changed their focus as per the technology trend and focused on mobile application development blogs.

We saw a paradigm shift when developing nations in Asia and Africa started adopting mobile app technology. This is happening since 2015. Likes of China, Japan, South Korea, Philippines, India, and Gulf countries (Middle East) in the Asian continent joined the league in technology adoption. These countries are now contesting with the US and the EU countries in the number of mobile devices and in mobile apps. Our technology blog posts of these years are a reflection of the same and in the index too.

Mid-years of Technology Blogs

eCommerce brought a revolution in website development. However, general website development has kept its existence in the development scenario. Businesses and organizations, to date, are owning all types of websites, static, dynamic, CMS along with eCommerce. Our developers were continually evolving and so were the technology blog post writers.

First Android and then iOS has captured the wave. Hybrid development platforms came to support the developers along with the native platforms. All these, make it easy for the programmers and developers to deliver better mobile apps on different platforms. Several platforms and technology frameworks came into existence during the period. These provide better facilities and choices both to clients and developers. This happened both on web and mobile app development. Our technology blog post writers followed the trend and the index will reflect the same.

The Present Days and the Future Trend in Blog Writing

Our blog writers also evolved with the trend and started writing about newly evolved technologies, platforms, and frameworks. A new trend wrecked the wave and on-demand apps are the most trendy nowadays. Vardhaman Infotech is a world-class tech company in India developing world-class web,eCommerce, and mobile applications.

Blockchain, Artificial intelligence, IoT, and Machine learning are also budge-word of the era and we also stepped into these technologies. Bitcoin-led Cryptocurrency is trying to replace Fiat currencies. ICO is also leading the market as the traditional IPO market. Crypto exchanges have started working like stock exchanges.  Darshan Kothari, our CEO, is a blockchain expert and a member of the Blockchain council. He is the guiding force behind our Blockchain development. In addition, he is good at Blockchain technology blog post writing.

Also, our technology blog post writers have come up with articles and posts about Blockchain technology. These are, therefore, added to the index.

Web Development Blog Posts Round-Up

Websites are evergreen. Since the innovation of the internet, website design, and development have crossed a long way. Meanwhile, it has traveled from static to dynamic; CMS and eCommerce. Article writers from Vardhaman Infotech have written several articles over the years about the design, technology, variety, trends, etc of the website.

Blog index website design development

Blogs on website development and maintenance    Image: Simple Programmer

Here are the links to follow.

How Much A Magento Website Development Will Cost You

Web Development: Top 8 Trends You Should Know in 2018

An Innovator’s Guide On How To Develop A Website Like Amazon

Effective Website Design And Development Stages!

Fresh and Creative Web Design Techniques!

Learn How To Balance Composition for Website Layouts!

Must-Have Tips to Design and Develop Responsive Mobile Website!

Website Renovation Principles- New Technology!

Cyber Security Blog Posts

What is Cybersecurity – Most Effective Ways To Secure Your Website

eCommerce Blog Posts Round-Up

Team Vardhaman lives and breathes technology. First, they are educated, trained and experienced. Second, they are innovative and evolving. Technology is evolving and large numbers of frameworks and platforms are now in existence. Therefore, it is advisable to know about the latest trends in the field. Moreover, knowing the pros and cons of different frameworks will help one in making decisions. Here are a few blog posts about frameworks and platforms.

Frameworks & Platforms Blog Round-Up

Team Vardhaman lives and breathes technology. First, they are educated, trained, and experienced. Second, they are innovative and evolving. Technology is evolving and large numbers of frameworks and platforms are now in existence. Additionally, there are varieties of platforms and frameworks available for Native and Hybrid development. Moreover, these are also designated for web and mobile applications. Therefore, it is advisable to know about the latest trends in the field. Moreover, knowing the pros and cons of different frameworks will help one in making decisions.

Blog, blog writing, tech blogs, tech writing, tech, Vardhaman Infotech, blogs on Vardhaman Infotech, Blockchain, Index, Ecommerce, blog, technology blogpost index, mobile app development, website development

Blogs that highlight the difference and importance of platform and framework

Here are a few blog posts about frameworks and platforms.

Convert Objective C App to Swift

The Best Hybrid App Development Frameworks

Javascript Frameworks – AngularJS vs NodeJS vs ReactJS

Nodejs vs Java An Epic Battle

The Major Differences Between ReactJS And React Native

Top Web Development Frameworks of 2019

AngularJS Framework And Its Different Releases Till Date

React Native vs Flutter vs Ionic vs Native Script vs PWA

Swift vs Objective C trends For iOS Development

How Is Angular 2 Native Script Different From React Native

Top JavaScript Frameworks

Android vs iOS App Development Speed And Cost

Kotlin vs Java Programming Languages- Pros and Cons

Frameworks- Ionic 2 vs React Native vs Native Script

Business and Marketing Blog Round-Up

Technology is for business. After all, business is everything. No technology, therefore, can survive without the support of a business. And, business depends on marketing whether offline or online. To clarify, SEO and SMO are also part of online marketing. Our experts wrote a few articles about business, marketing, SEO, and SMO.

Digital Marketing Blog Posts Round-Up

Blog, blog writing, tech blogs, tech writing, tech, Vardhaman Infotech, blogs on Vardhaman Infotech, Blockchain, Index, Ecommerce, blog, technology blogpost index, mobile app development, website development

Blogs on Digital Marketing – SEO/SMO and how important it is for every blog to be SEO-oriented

Internal Link Building Tips To Improve eCommerce SEO!

Why Social Media Marketing Is Necessary For Any Business Today?

Business and Marketing

5 Foolproof Strategies To Digitize Your Business

The Mobile Trend Continues: 1 Billion Smartphones Sales

Advantages Of Mobile Applications For Your Business!

Benefits Of Outsourcing Website And Mobile App Development!

Internet Marketing Trends Dominate!

Advantages of Outsourcing Mobile App Development!

Written by Jyoti Kothari

April 21, 2019


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