5 Most Dependable NFC Payment Apps Like Apple And Google Pay

January 28, 2019


Cheers to the emerging existence of alternative digital payment options, terms like cashless and contactless got into the technology lexis. This implies that we may not need our wallets anymore or maybe not even have to store the bills. In its place, you can simply “pay as you shop” with your mobile devices. Not just that you can pay at the retailers, but also transact with your friends and connections too.

You can also utilize as many of the amenities anywhere on the web stores. Also, you can use even in some mobile apps that request for in-app payment choices. Most of these NFC payment apps and services allow you to divide a payment. This is by just entering the total amount and all the contacts who have to share the bill. Indeed, they will have to sign up with the payment service. Most of these NFC apps have the loyalty program details to let you keep accumulating those reward points. NFC apps are among the most popular business applications. PayPal, Samsung Pay, Apple Pay, and Google Pay are some of those NFC mobile Applications.

How does it all work?

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NFC technology allows two devices to connect when they’re close to each other wirelessly. NFC is, in fact, a subclass of Radio-frequency identification, a technique that permits us to recognize things via radio frequency.

The NFC-enabled point-of-sale system and your NFC-enabled mobile device communicate with each other to complete payment. To have a successful contactless payment, you usually may have to have your mobile close to the NFC enabled POS machines.

When an NFC payment is instigated the NFC technology begins to work. Identifying that particular frequency, the NFC-supported reader and the mobile device transfer encoded data to and fro within each other to finish the payment. This takes a few seconds, and you’re done!

The thought of paying through a smartphone can trigger the feeling of insecurity, particularly when we are so habituated to possessing our cards and money. Conversely, NFC payments are exceptionally safe, actually more secure than the magnetic-stripe cards.

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List of the most-recommended NFC apps:

Apple Pay

Apple is targeting to swap the personal wallets with Apple Pay, and the one-step contactless payment method. This employs the near field communication (NFC) chips implanted in your iOS devices and Apple Watch to pay for stuff and amenities by merely waving the device near a card reader. Apple Pay is very comfortable to use and is compatible with all Apple devices you use in your day-to-day life. You can go ahead to do secured buying anywhere from supermarkets or mobile apps. Apple pay also enables a quick and easy way to send and receive money from friends just through messages or by allowing Siri.

As an alternative for card numbers, Apple Pay allocates an exclusive account number with an operation-specific security enigma every time you make procurement. Apple pay makes sure not to store any amount in any of its databases thus making all the transactions safe and secure. If you have installed apple pay in your IOS device, you can access it also through the Apple Watch where you can view the transaction history. Apple Pay has a token-based database organization which permits you to make card payments safe by generating code or token that substitutes your card information.

Google Pay

Google has converted online payments a whole lot simpler. The Android Pay app is now named as Google Pay, and the Google Wallet app recently renamed as Google Pay Send. Google Pay is one of the quick and most comfortable options to make any payment online, anywhere. You can even go for a vacation, book your flights, and buy things online without the need of your card. Furthermore, to transferring or ask for money from the app’s Send option, you can moreover divide any Google Pay purchases with your friends. As per a recent report from XDA Developers, Google is planning to the app with QR codes as a way to start peer-to-peer transactions.

Google Pay safeguards your transaction-related information with several layers of safety, employing the world’s unique security structure to maintain your details safe. While paying in any store, Google Pay utilizes an encoded number in its place of your exact card number, so to your actual card information keep safe.


PayPal is an online payment gateway that permits its users and businesses to transmit money by electronic means. Using PayPal, the users can transfer funds to anybody with a valid e-mail ID, even if they do not have a PayPal account. The Basic PayPal accounts are free of cost, and numerous monetary dealings are also, including all PayPal enabled merchant transactions. PayPal segregated the categories of payments into groups from what you are trying to pay for. Some of the payment methods PayPal offers including; Instant money transfer, eCheck, PayPal balance, Credit card. This payment method lets the customers send money to vendors effectively, without the need for individual verification of credit and debit card information. Paypal is a secure, reliable, and well-organized method to procure goods or amenities online from anybody.

Samsung pay

Creative cognizance led to the stimulation of novelty in NFC techniques to pave a new platform for expenses in all Samsung devices. Not just operational across mobile apps, or retail shops,  the users also rated the Samsung App the best. The App shows inordinate compatibility with magnetic readers. Samsung Pay is a protected and user-friendly contactless payment service. By adding your credit and debit card details to the wallet, you can make contactless, safe and highly-secured transactions anywhere without the need for the card.

Additionally, Samsung Pay also has provisioned for Paytm Wallet for various types of online payment. You can scan and show the QR Code, and transfer money using the phone number. You can also send money to a bank account using fund transfers via the Unified Payment Interface (UPI).

Samsung Pay is also compatible to make offline payments. This utilizes the MST and NFC modes to make contactless smart payments. To make a transaction, you have to open the app and then pick the card of your choice. Finally, you have to provide verification to the payment using the recorded Fingerprint or PIN. By placing the phone over the NFC-enabled POS, your payment will be successfully processed. Samsung Pay also uses Magnetic Secure Transmission or MST, which is a revolutionary way of transmitting data through magnetic frequencies. MST reproduces a card probe by communicating magnetic waves from any appropriate Samsung device to a typical card reader. MST can change every card reader to a wireless payment receiver.

Visa Paywave

This is one of the most conscious choices of mobile payment apps preferred by users. It lets the users to effortlessly transact by merely swaying their card on specific secured devices to enable online payments. There is no need to read or even slide the card. The payment service is essentially approved, managed and billed safely. The POS devices must be using Visa payWave API or the required field communication NFC mobile service following the guidelines. It needs that the user has a legitimate digital wallet or right NFC payment application on their mobile phones.

To make transactions, the users can enable to NFC app and wave it across the point of sale so that the merchant can accept payments after authentication. For purchases, less than two thousand INR, you can use ‘just tap to pay’ option with your contactless Visa card at any POS machine. Surprisingly, there is no necessity for an initial or security code. These NFC enabled Visa cards can transact when the card is just four inches away from the card reader, and the contactless payment point can process one deal at a time.


NFC is an easy to use way of contactless transmission of data among two devices located within 20 cm of distance. Interestingly, this technology has already been accepted in Asia and Europe. Moreover, it is acquiring good acceptance across North America. Transactions made through NFC are contactless payments. This utilizes near-field communication (NFC) to transmit the required data between card readers and payment applications. The transmission happens in Apple Pay or Android Pay or any magnetic-stripe cards.

The installation of NFC payment applications is growing with great pace. The reasons behind are that the buyers are using it extensively and the merchants are taking advantage of it. Owing to technological improvements, there is healthy development in the near field communication market and NFC mobile payments. The expansion of these NFC payment applications has also turned out to be a common choice for contactless payments. These numerous payment applications cited above are transforming the overall shopping experience. As a result, this is enabling more number of users to embrace it.

So, it is time to get, set and go without your wallets!

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Written by Shveta Tavani

January 28, 2019


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