Website Renovation Principles & Tips

October 28, 2014
Website Renovation Principles & Tips

Like your smartphone needs frequent update versions to run properly and more smartly, your website also asks for renovation time to time. It doesn’t matter you already have a dynamic website or a soberly attractive one. With technology developing and changing the way, it is essential to make exciting changes rapidly that can draw in your users and also keep them interested. So what are the principles of website renovation?

But when do you get to know your website needs a makeover? If you are also wondering if it is the right time or not for you to give your website a renovation, then these questions can, probably, clear your thoughts.

Is There Any Section or Feature on the Website that is Least or no Longer Used?

Things keep on changing in business and web market, from trends to demands and conditions. A company may open up new branches as it expands or business may offer new products or services that it did not a few years ago. So, if there are any sections or functions no longer in use than it is time to renovate. You can remove them and have a fresh, useful version of the website for your business. Hire web developers to renovate your website.

Can You Find Customers’ Communication On the Site?

Socially active websites are the most happening one, so your website should have a flexible form builder that lets you create anything. These can be from simple contact forms to advanced quote request forms and surveys.

Does Your Website Respond?

Like the above said, two-way interaction is a healthy sign for a website. You need to check if your site is getting a proper response or not. The responsive design of a website plays an important role in attracting potential visitor to the site and converting them into customers. If your website has an attractive and beautiful design, it will be quite helpful. This will help to entice the users to visit your website and explore it further.

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Are Your Third-Party Tools Outdated?

If your site is like most out there, you’ve embedded third-party tools that improve its functionality, such as shopping cart widgets. But, if some (or all) of these tools on your site aren’t up to modern functionality standards, you’re best off updating them.

Have You Checked Your Competitor’s Website?

In business, you need to keep an eye on every competitor’s action. You should analytically at their website and get an idea about the latest technology, web design, and customer communication ways. Don’t let your website to be an out-dated version. If other companies are renovating their websites, then it is a good reason for you to follow the same. Renovating or developing a website in Magento is a good option to stay ahead in competition.

Now, if you have decided to go for website revamping, here we give you some principles and tips on how to do so. The following are must-follow instructions for the above task-

Principle 1: Don’t Change URLs

It is beneficial to keep those URL pages which have good keywords ranking. Simply don’t change some pages on your website having good keywords raking. Too much 301 redirect is not good for SEO. If you change the URL, the search engine will rediscover the page, and the old URL which has been included will become a dead link.

Principle 2: Ease of Use

Know your audience and make alterations accordingly. Every user wants an easily accessible website where they can navigate and find exactly what they are looking for without any hassle. So give prime significance to user need while revamping your website. There are few key factors that contribute to a user-friendly website, such as site load time and organization of important products. Make a good navigation structure that allows a user to get exactly what they want. This way you can improve the gathering of users at the site.

Principle 3:  Refresh Content with Design

Make sure when you are revamping your website you’re not just changing the look, but the content also. With the latest technology, design, and graphics it is recommended to improve the content of the site. Good content is favorable for your newly revamped site since it is recognized as an integral and probably the most vital part of the entire internet business. You need to hire a professional team to take care of your digital needs- be it specialize content, design or even technology.

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Principle 4: Stick to the Goal

Don’t forget the ultimate goal of your business which most people do while creating or designing a new site. Keep the goal in mind and progress accordingly. If the goal of your business is to be the top 3 market leaders, just describing your products and services won’t get you there. Your website has to have all those attributes that will help you achieve your goals.

As an entrepreneur, you may want to renovate, design and develop an eye catchy website. We, at Vardhaman Infotech, are here to bring your idea to a reality. Please feel free to Contact Us.

Written by Darshan Kothari

Founder of Vardhaman Infotech - Blockchain & AI development Company. Developed world's first KALQ Keyboard. Thiel fellowship runner up. Love reading books.

October 28, 2014


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