Dos & Don’ts When Promoting Your Very Own NFT Marketplace

October 10, 2022

Throughout the past few years, there has been much trepidation and concern regarding the potential benefits of mainstream blockchain adoption. However, with blockchain technology becoming increasingly popular with the rise of NFTs over the next few years, 2022 may mark a new chapter in the application of blockchain technology.

NFTs are unique digital tokens representing ownership of both unique and scarce items, whether physical or digital. Unlike popular cryptocurrencies, digital assets like NFT cannot be exchanged for one another because they have unique traits and attributes that give them an individual value.

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) can act as alternatives to digital assets. In addition to being able to be traded using cryptocurrencies, they come with the same software used by other cryptos. In general, NFTs are created using the same type of programming used to create cryptocurrencies.

In a nutshell, these are cryptographic assets based on blockchain technology. It is impossible to exchange or trade them the same way other cryptographic assets can be exchanged or traded. The uniqueness of an NFT is what makes it stand out from other NFTs. NFTs are unique and irreplaceable pieces of technology. 

NFT Marketplace Explained

An NFT marketplace is essential in bridging the gap between buyers and sellers of goods and services. An NFT marketplace may also provide additional tools that facilitate the creation of an NFT within a few minutes. Artists can sell their NFT artworks on a variety of specialized online marketplaces.

In NFT marketplace, buyers had the opportunity to browse for and purchase NFTs and bid on items they were interested in buying. There is a difference between non-fungible tokens traded on an NFT marketplace and fungible tokens that appear similarly. However, it has emerged that most NFTs today are digital, and creators can use these new revenue streams to find new ways of offering their supporters something unique and rare. 

Dos & Don’ts When Promoting Your Very Own NFT Marketplace
Dos & Don’ts for NFT Marketplace Promotion

Do’s When Promoting Your Very Own NFT Marketplace

Follow Your Inspiration

The storytelling separates your NFTs from the rest of the pack, just as with any other marketing form. With the widespread availability of tools for creating digital art and the rise of artificial intelligence content generation, it is now possible for anyone to create art of any kind and quickly create a great deal of it. Standing out from the crowd is imperative if you want your crypto wallet and art to grow.

In the past few years, storytelling marketing has become an absolute staple amongst the most prominent players in the business world. It produces the most movement for companies looking to break into the spotlight. The art of storytelling has an innate human quality to it.

Whenever we can connect with something on a personal level, that is what makes us want to desire more. There is a reason why we keep returning to the brands we love and are familiar with.Many NFTs in the marketplace aim to share their inspiration or a story they create around their NFT as part of their marketing strategy. Essentially, it means repeating a story repeatedly and reiterating it as part of your marketing strategy.

Promote Your Business with Giveaways

Generosity is one of the top marketing strategies that help to succeed in the NFT industry. As you begin your journey with NFT marketing, it is certainly not the right time to create the scarcity of “One Time Only” sales when you are just starting.

It’s unknown who you are yet, so start with generosity instead of trying to impress people. Create a giveaway for your first collection release to celebrate its release. Once you have created that giveaway, promote it through constant tweets and posts in every community you can get into. Your brand will be valued by the community and gain a great deal of respect due to your actions.

Get in Touch with Crypto & NFT Influencers

The NFT marketplace follows by leaders in the crypto world and the NFT market. To succeed in business, you must learn from and connect with people who have already succeeded. Also, it is beneficial to take help from several tips for NFT marketplace development available online. You may even be able to find a mentor for yourself if you utilize places like Twitter and Discord strategically to find these places. The truth is that the entire marketplace is transforming. 

In this space, there isn’t a singular “right way” to do anything at the moment, so we need to keep the lines of communication open between ourselves and the people who are having the success we are looking for. The best way to get to know someone is to get to know them personally. The fact that it is a small networking event in a hotel lobby does not mean it is not networking. 

Don’t When Promoting Your Very Own NFT Marketplace

Leave Twitter, Discord, and Reddit Out of Your Marketing Plan

In the NFT marketplace, several individuals are leading the way from the gamer’s perspective. There is an immense and growing community on platforms like Twitter, Discord and Reddit, and that community comes from places like these platforms. As a newcomer in these spaces, you may initially feel like a piece of white noise, but remember, this is the marketplace where people live and work.

Get to know as many people as possible, from artists to buyers and also study various guide to develop an NFT marketplace. There are many discord servers and interested buyers out there for you to find if you commit yourself and dedicate yourself to finding them. You can even browse through Discord’s top NFT servers to find places to promote and connect with other NFTs. There are many ways you can take advantage of this market, even though it’s still emerging. 

Undervalue SEO

Even though SEO may have started as a way to please the google gods, today, it is an absolute necessity if you succeed in any algorithm. A major advantage of learning SEO is that it develops a vocabulary that your fans can use to tell your story on your behalf. The key to creating success is creating a strong brand identity for your NFT collections or even for the artist by defining a list of keywords and hashtags that will help the marketplace identify and promote your product.

Quit Creating

In the end, the only thing that you can fail at is if you don’t commit to what you want to do. The number of NFT artists who expect instant billions by studying various NFT marketplace guide is far too high without considering that all of their creative endeavors will depend on their level of dedication. It is not uncommon for NFT artists to have their first couple of mints fail to garner much attention.

For NFT marketing to be successful, it requires dedication, time, and a constant creative spirit to reach the top. Consider the success of some artists who have produced large quantities of work in large series over an extended period. In the long run, as long as you keep working on it, creating new content, and seeking inspiration, you will be able to succeed.

Written by Darshan Kothari

Founder of Vardhaman Infotech - Blockchain & AI development Company. Developed world's first KALQ Keyboard. Thiel fellowship runner up. Love reading books.

October 10, 2022


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