Doctor On-Demand App Startups To Consider The Features

February 5, 2019

A gloomy and silent waiting hall, appointments, nervousness to get inside the doctor’s room, is the traditional scene at every healthcare center. These scenarios have eventually increased the need for an on-demand healthcare App. The current state has considerably improved.  The credit goes to the advancement in mobile technology. As a result, we got the doctor on demand app or on-demand healthcare app.

These apps are now the forerunner in the healthcare industry. These on-demand healthcare applications brought an advantage for patients and healthcare professionals. These benefits physicians, nurses and other medical professionals. Hence, it is necessary for these on-demand healthcare apps to answer a few questions. The questions are likes of  Can you refer any good doctor? How are the services? Is the doctor affordable? etc.

Startups worldwide are now considering to develop featured on-demand apps as these provide good business models. Hence, they can consider Doctor on-demand mobile apps to grab the opportunity in business.

With these apps, the role of doctors has been modernized and digitized. The users can view all their medical records through the doctor on-demand app. As a result, it is now easy to decide on further treatment. It is especially helpful during emergencies. The information exchange can happen in seconds. Through these on-demand healthcare apps, a doctor can provide personalized suggestions. In turn, it helps to treat a patient according to illness. It is better if Doctor-on-demand applications be a free healthcare app. Moreover, these should offer access to good quality therapeutic services.  These applications must be simple, time-saving and appropriate. It should associate the patients with the right and available doctors. In addition, provide hospital alternatives.

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The need for doctor on-demand healthcare apps:

The healthcare management apps provide access to real-time medicinal amenities similar to the services offered in a hospital. Eventually, this eases the process thus saving time. These doctor on-demand apps offer well-organized medication management and eliminate several problems. The on-demand healthcare app permits patient access to healthcare providers at any time anywhere. Moreover, Physicians can also guide patients easily. They can also inform safety measures during medical traumas.

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Doctor on-demand app Healthcare App Features

Doctor-on-demand or Healthcare App Features

Types of healthcare apps:

  • Apps for Clinical usage and diagnosis
  • Medical reminders apps
  • Approved Medicinal Reference guide apps
  • Healthy lifestyle apps
  • Life scan apps for monitoring

It’s primarily important to outline a few things before developing a healthcare mobile app effectively. What kind of healthcare app do you wish to develop? Whom you are aiming at? And what are the requirements? Once you recognize these, go ahead to incorporate the following aspects/features.

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Features of Doctor on-demand or healthcare app

Live Video Calling:

Live Video calling is a great feature in a doctor on-demand app.  This is an added advantage both for patients and doctors. Patients can quickly have a chat with the doctors with in-built module for live video streaming. It is especially helpful during emergencies. Remember the critical point,  it needs nice quality of the video. Be careful while implementing this feature. The streaming of videos should not consume too much data. It should be consistent and unwavering. Above all, it must have excellent response system and a smooth interface. You can satisfy users of all age groups with these.

Manage appointments:

Practically appointment slots are set only when we visit the clinics. However, the best apps automatically manage time slots. That means a patient gets an appointment when in need. Time management can help patients as well as doctors. This feature is advantageous for both doctors and patients. It eliminates long queues of patients waiting for a turn. Besides, doctors can allocate a time-slot as per their availability. Additionally, a doctor on-demand healthcare app can manage the alternate appointment of doctors. Why so?  If there is unavailability of the desired doctor. This is a unique feature to implement while developing doctor on-demand app.

Doctor hospital MRI

MRI of a Patient in a Hospital                                                        Source- Pixabay

List of qualified doctors:

This feature displays a list of board-certified physicians. Hence, it offers stress-free and tailored solutions to patients.  Patients can choose an appropriate doctor from the list of doctors presented. Additionally, the star ratings and reviews help him in selection. These healthcare apps work from anywhere and at any time. Hence, it allows doctors and physicians to give their patients with suitable treatment promptly. Thanks to the progressive medical facilities!

Digital Communication services:

The app must enable good communication facilities between doctors and patients. These services can also be utilized for forwarding prescriptions, reports, x-rays, triggering notices and other patient-allied particulars. The patient can be informed about any upcoming offer that is available. Any new discounts and free campaigns details can also be shared using these apps. Through the app feedback requests, rating and review forms can be shared with the patients. This will help the app developers to improve their services further.

Doctor Child

Doctor and Child                                                                            Source- Pixabay

Steps involved in Doctor on-demand mobile app development process:

  • Create prototypes and design wireframes
  • Development of app features
    • Patient login/ signup
    • Appointment scheduling
    • Cloud-based records access
    • E-billing and payment options
    • Search doctors
    • Doctor specifications
  • Robust QA checks

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These medical services app are essential for the growing healthcare sector. These are beneficial for both doctors and users. Essentially, a characteristic of on-demand healthcare apps is the capability to gather patient health details from various medical applications. Indeed, this needs a variety of planned features. Moreover, the apps must allow users to share them on social media. WhatsApp, twitter, facebook, etc work nicely to empower the services. Developers must continuously look for new methods of improving applications.

While developing an on-demand healthcare app, the patient’s finest comforts should be the highest priority. This will create a positive impact, as a result.  An ideal on-demand healthcare app should have an easy user interface. The programmers must know that the ultimate aim of any app is to benefit the users.

Being a prospective on-demand Mobile app Development Company, we are dedicated to developing customized mobile apps. this too, as per your needs. If you have plans to develop on-demand healthcare applications, this is the perfect place for you to get it done.

Written by Shveta Tavani

February 5, 2019


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