A Complete Guide To Building A Free Stock Trading App

March 15, 2019

Are you searching for the best app to scrutinize the stocks you wish to buy and sell, or do you have a preference to bank on a particular stock portfolio? Are you thinking to endow recurrently or is this just a tryout? And what is your initial investment amount? To do all these, you, the user might need the best free stock trading app which can do all of these in just one click.

Mobile applications, nowadays, are a popular tool and users prefer these apps. Stock trading has no difference and traders are looking for such free stock trading apps.

Quest for the best free stock trading app

Unquestionably, you must have to hunt for the best trading solution that best suits your investment plan. These apps are something similar to the free trading app like Robinhood which offers a charge free exchange of equities and mutual funds with actual statistics and real-time data. It is absolutely fine, therefore, to check out various similar apps before you start planning about building a stock trading app. For instance, the best feature of a stock trading app is that it is meant for both the experts and the freshers. Finally, building the appropriate app which will answer all of the above questions is essential to satisfy customer needs.

Can you tell me what could be the potential causes that not many firms have yet come forward to design a free stock trading application like Robinhood? That will, in turn, abridge all the gaps that come up while investing in the stock market? so, there is a need for such a free stock trading application to bridge the gaps.

Valued Insights and Real-time data

Need not to say that the express progression in technology has altered how the entire world looks at the investing apps. Let it be internet banking or cost tracking, sending or receiving funds (Mobile Wallet App)  or save money, hiring taxi or trading stocks there is an app for every single necessity. The stock exchange apps belong to a group flourishing in the app market. This kind of mobile investment app is easy to build, deploy and maintain. All of these intended “free” stock trading apps or exchange-traded funds app, offers the end-users some valued insights related to the most recent investment openings by using real-time data at free of cost.

Furthermore, these top trading apps provide the latest updates related to the up-to-date stock market information as well. So, let’s understand more about a stock trading app, the best aspects, and challenges faced during the creation of apps. Here is a complete guide to design and develop a free stock trading app.

Best Features of a free stock trading app

  1. Information security: Indisputably, trading is always accompanied by risks. Conversely, the free stock trading app must break the old state of insecurity. Security is one of the predominant factors to be considered while building financial apps. Particularly if the confidentiality of the mobile application asks individual authorizations is at the top. The trading app must provide the best security features, extended trading hours and so on.
  2. Interactive UI Design: While building a mobile app, ease-of-use in UI design plays a vital role. The user of the app regularly searches for data about the variations, will strictly observe market statistics from trading exchanges, etc. So the app offered must be convenient to use without any complicated design features.
  3. Real-time data: To create a useful stock trading app, it is imperative to give the users a facility to view live market information. With this option, traders can see up-to-date market data. Apart from these, the users must also get estimates for free during any time and wherever they are, thus decreasing the brokerage charges.

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Steps involved in building a free stock trading app

Now that we have identified and settled the primary issues, it’s time to begin the development process which involves stages as follows:

  1. Get educated: Perform an in-depth dive analysis of the various stock market apps like Robinhood gold and analyze its features. Also, it is highly suggested to review the Charles Schwab website and understand trading. Undergo a good-quality stock market training program that covers the necessary technical study.
  2. Front-end development: Front-end development denotes the building of the UI design and user interfaces. The resource must be an expert in the following coding languages: CSS, HTML, and JavaScript.
    1. During the design phase the following activities must be done:
    2. Choose your Necessary Screens layouts

Selection of ideal Stock Market Pointers employing technical analysis

Price Pointers – “Relative Strength (RSI), Rate of Change (ROC), Moving Averages (MA), Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD), Parabolic SAR, ADX Average Directional Movement Index”. Price Volume Pointers – “On Balance Volume (OBV), Chaikin Money Flow, Time Segmented Volume (TSV), Money Stream”.

  1. User Interface design: The UI/UX design must also be decided at the phase of framing designs and requirements for the product. UI/UX must enable the practice of stock market app development. Designing and related tools provide technical assistance and support developers to cognize how customers will utilize the app.
  2. Back-end Design and Development: To design and build a trading app, you might need to get a backend professional who has a good acquaintance with server technologies like a database, planning, and software logic creation. To be certain that the databases and servers are functioning appropriately, the designer utilizes server encoding languages like .Net, Java, PHP,  MySQL, Oracle, Ruby, and SQL Server tools. For any mobile trading app, the back-end must have the following four components.
    • User profile management
    • Payments or Transactions
    • Newsfeed
    • Reports

Hence, developing functionalities like user sign-in, transactions, and alerts have to be taken care of during the back-end design process.

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Cost Estimation:

Development Phases Estimated Hours of Work (*All of these numbers are near to approximation only) Average Rate per resource
Front-End development 400-500 hours $60/ Hour
Back-end development 300-400 hours $30/ hour
User Interface design 50-100 hours $50/ Hour
Various Types of Testing 100 hours $30/ Hour

Develop a free stock trading app with a world-class tech company

To create a precise and accurate trading app, it is vital to think about the security features well as the app will deal with personal identifications and sensitive data of end-users like bank details, credit, and debit card particulars. The stock exchange is robust and difficult to understand. However, the creation of an accurate stock trading app executed with good expertise knowledge can make trading much stress-free. Likewise, the trading philosophy seems to be somewhat developed. That is why the whole thought about developing a stock market investment application with a world-class tech company appears to be the best idea. So what are you waiting for? Touch-base with us now for a Happy Trading experience!


Written by Shveta Tavani

March 15, 2019


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