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Vardhaman Infotech, a pioneer in developing digital solutions for businesses offers you an inclusive an inclusive talent pool with years of experience in PHP programming and have already attained great excellence with a number of successful PHP based web development projects. Our PHP developers for hire have an expansive skillset and proficient knowledge of all PHP frameworks.

Hire PHP Developers

Why Hire a PHP Developer from Vardhaman Infotech?

Our PHP developers for hire focus on delivering unique and advanced solutions that can help you gain the competitive edge in the digital industry. Their noteworthy benefits ensure high quality development within the shortest period of time.

Hire PHP Developers

Highly qualified and proficient in various PHP frameworks such as - Laravel, CakePHP, CodeIgniter, Yii, FuelPHP, Fat-Free framework, and more.

Hire PHP Developers

Our PHP developer for hire are skilled in a variety of technical aspects, including the development and integration of online APIs, automated workflows, personalization, web portal development, and more.

Hire PHP Developers

They can build interactive web applications and have in-depth understanding of HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript.

Hire PHP Developers

Extensive knowledge of web servers, full-stack programming and a well-rounded approach to web development.

Hire PHP Developers

Our developers have quite the knowledge & experience working with content management systems to create and maintain customized applications.

Hire PHP Developers

Their CMS knowledge also helps in developing responsive plug-ins.

Hire PHP Developers

Exceptional time management skills to meet project deadlines.

Hire PHP Developers

To fix coding issues and ensuring that a website or app continues to function properly, our PHP developers have remarkable problem-solving skills.

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Hire PHP Developers & Leverage our End-to-End Services & Solutions

Hire PHP developer India to avail affordable, dynamic, business-oriented, & quality-driven solutions & stay ahead of the curve

Hire PHP Developers

Custom Web App Development

Robust, high-performance and secure customized web applications tailored specifically for your business strategies

Hire PHP Developers

E-commerce Development

Interactive, feature-rich and experience enhanced sales and revolutionized online shopping with PHP eCommerce

Hire PHP Developers

CMS Development Solutions

Cutting-edge, flexible, powerful and highly-accessible CMS designed specifically for your organization

Hire PHP Developers

Integrations & Upgrades

Significant upgrades to the latest version of PHP Framework & also integrate your sites with unique PHP optimizations

Hire PHP Developers

PhP Cloud Services

Flexible and affordable Cloud Cloud servers with simple scalability for ultra-fast & high-performing PHP Applications

Hire PHP Developers

Maintenance & Support

Our PHP experts ensures your web app’s security and optimum performance along with round the clock tech support

Top Reasons to Hire Dedicated PHP Developers from India for Your Business

Hire PHP Developers


Our cost-effective solutions are quite advantageous to start-ups & businesses working on a stringent budget.

Hire PHP Developers

Unrivaled Popularity

According to factual reports, the number of PHP developers operating in India is approx 61% than compared to the US.

Hire PHP Developers


Our PHP developers for hire take pride in ingenuity, innovation and passion.

Hire PHP Developers

Technical Expertise

Even the most complex PHP application can evolve as seamlessly as possible with the backing of our extensive expertise and wide range of technical expertise.

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Different Engagement Models to Hire PHP Developers

Hire PHP Developers

Dedicated Team

Our expert developers have first-hand experience with cognitive technologies and utilize them to empower clients with high-quality services and solutions

Hire PHP Developers

Team Extension

The goal of our team extension model is to assist clients who wish to expand their teams with the necessary skill sets for their projects

Hire PHP Developers

Project-based Model

Our project-based approach and software development expertise are available for client project engagement and customer collaboration

Development Process

Hire PHP Developers

Frequently Asked Questions

We are filling in a few knowledge gaps about our work process.

What is a dedicated developer & who are php developers for hire?

Dedicated developers work for a specific project and help the client in product development. They also work for product support. Our PHP developers for hire have a higher level of skills and specialize on several modern PHP frameworks. Their efficiency level ensures better development and reduces the chances of failure.

Why should I hire a php developer?

There are several benefits of hiring PHP developers:

  • Complete control over the project development process.
  • An opportunity to work with qualified, skilled, and experienced software developers.
  • Hiring a dedicated team assures Quality work thus minimization of risk factors.
  • Our PHP developers work as a part of your team
What are the Blockchain categories you work on?

We offer top-end tailor-made Blockchain solutions for developing ICO, Dapps, Crypto exchanges, cryptocurrency, decentralized finance, and many more.

How do I hire the best PHP developer?

First, know who you’re looking for. This is the most important aspect though it is something that is generally overlooked.

  • Define your hiring criteria and budget.
  • Prepare a transparent hiring process.
  • Communicate your vision and needs clearly.
  • Ask the right questions while interviewing.
  • Have a legal contract with the developer.
How many developers do I need for a startup?

It depends on the app or website you are developing for your startup. You may need a single developer or just two dedicated developers. In most cases, a startup can start with one, two, or at most three dedicated developers. It is advisable to focus on the quality of the developers instead of numbers. An experienced and skilled developer is better than two inexperienced and unskilled software developers.

It is better for a startup to start with MVP (Minimum viable product) instead of going for a big and complicated app with large numbers of features. And for this, a startup doesn’t need many developers. One can add features and go for a complex app later on. He or she, then only need more dedicated developers.

How much does it actually cost to hire PHP developer India?

The cost of a dedicated software developer/ programmer in India is naturally, much lower than that in the US and European Union or other developed nations. For example, if you pay $200 per hour for a high-end software programmer in the US or $160 in the European Union; You can get similar quality in India between $80 to 100.

The cost to hire PHP developer India, like anywhere else, depends on several factors. This includes, but not limited to, educational qualification, skill set, knowledge, and experience. Technology, framework, and platform also play an important role while deciding the cost of a programmer.

The range of Indian software developers starts from $10 per hour. Normally, it is $25 in the US and $20 in the western European countries.

What are the core expertise and industry experience of your developers?

We provide talented PHP developers and programmers having in-depth knowledge of their domains. They are experienced in their respective technologies.

  1. Payment Gateway
  2. App Store & Google Play Store developer accounts
  3. Third-Party plugins
  4. Domain Names
  5. GST
  6. Any features that are not within the initial scope of requirements.
Do your developers work according to my time zone?

Yes. Our dedicated developers work according to your time zone (PST/EST/CST/MST).

Will I have control over the hired PHP developers?

Yes, for sure. Our developers will dedicatedly work for you on your project. They will be like your employees. You will have complete access through your convenient communication channel. You can exercise total control over them.

What is the exit policy?

Either party can terminate the agreement by serving 14 days (2 weeks) written notice to the other party. We will deliver a termination Invoice after the termination of the agreement. The client has to pay for work completed to date within 3 business days. There will be a mention of all unpaid work and the remaining amount of the work done to date in the termination invoice. All work completed to date shall be delivered to the client on termination of the agreement.

How do you manage the code?

Our developers regularly commit the codes written on Github and/or Bitbucket for source code management and version control. Hence, you can review the commits and manage those easily.

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