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At Vardhaman Infotech, we only hire the best, seasoned professionals to tackle
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About Us

All journeys begin with a first step; ours has been no less than a fairytale on its own.

  • foundation

    The Foundation

    April 2010-2012

    It was 2010 when our Founder & CEO Mr. Darshan Kothari, aged just 17, decided to foray into technological advancements for enterprises in India and across the world. Developments so precise, it would end the struggle for enterprises and organizations to smoothly transition into digitalization.

  • mobile

    Immersing Into Mobile Applications


    Although the previous years help us setup and gain a foothold, 2013 was a turning point for us with our services being introduced to mobile application development.

  • computer

    Blend In? We were Born To Stand Out


    Achievements are our milestones to realizing our end goals. In 2014, our team of analysts, developers, and designers pulled-off a spectacular with the world’s first KALQ keyboard which put us on the map.

  • globally

    Spreading The Word Like Wildfire


    Although we were collecting accolades from our ever-faithful clientele for our achievements, we wanted to know, and do more. This led us to expanding our operations globally.

  • people

    For The People, By The People


    Some would argue, but 2017 was perhaps the best year for us. We were in the goodbooks of many, and more was yet to come. But we count our lucky stars that we got an opportunity to work with the Government—or rather, work for our fellow Indian Nationals—and we took it.

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