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Where Do We Come
In The Big Picture?

Non-commercial organizations always have deep impacts in the society; they aim to look out for everyone’s
well-being by improving lifestyle, health, culture, and access to education. In short, they’re the ones improving our quality of life.

Sadly, humanitarian causes always lack in their outreach programmes, or they’re inefficiently managed that eats up a lot of money,
effort, and time. We step in under such circumstances and give such causes a technological avatar so that everybody gets a piece of the cake.
Our methodologies include:

Web Application Development

Nowadays, word travels faster on the internet than on any other medium. Having a web application for organizations casts an outreach web so vast, important messages reach the intended at just the click of a button.

Mobile Application Development

Just about anyone carries a mobile phone nowadays. It’s convenient to use, and carries tons of information. Keeping this is mind, mobile applications can be designed to interact with recipients, aim messages at target groups, and receive valuable feedback.

Digital Marketing

There always exists an easier and faster way to do things. This is true about marketing too. Where traditional marketing fails to deliver, digital marketing makes light work of propagating reliable information.

Build Audience

With technology, information no matter how minuscule or vast can be transmitted to all corners of the globe, to all kinds of people.A resource such as this can beindispensable in times of conflict, war, and natural catastrophes.

Increase Engagement

Humans are inquisitive. This is a good trait because nobody wants to make a decision on hearsay. Technology helps in this cause as billions of people share a common platform to congregate and discuss issues or offer their own opinions.

Improve Conversion

In non-business terms, conversion can be life-changing. For instance, through technology, information about health drives can be spread rapidly to all corners thereby giving all a chance. This to us is how conversions should be.


There plenty of plus points technology has to offer organizations. Here are a few:

Ease of Operation

As discussed, all of the work done is digital. And digital work is structured and non-messy. As a result, organizations can get more work done in less time and also streamline their focus on impending issues.

Paperless Work Environment

Your organization works for social causes. Then, why not add another to the list by saying ‘yes’ to a paperless work environment?With digitization, you get your social work done and also save the planet—two birds with one stone in our opinion.

Effective Communication

You can get important messages delivered without hiccups through technology which saves you vast amounts of money. Also, human intervention is at a bare minimum along with errors that accompany it.

Reduce operations by creating Self Help Tools

Troubleshooting, help pages, public forums, online chat assistance...our self-help methods reduce dependence on humans. Moreover, you’ll feel good when you tackle a problem on your own.

Practical Implementation

Live Events Broadcasting

Get real-time video and text feeds integrated with social media platforms for live events.

Scheduling/Booking for Events

Schedule timely notifications for events and integrate payment gateways for ticket purchase.

Members Directory

Record, view, and share information such as addresses and names conveniently in database. You can secure this information and back it up on the cloud too.


Integrated payment gateways for receiving, sending, and withdrawing donations.

Other Vital Informations

Important messages, alerts, and notices under one banner linked to their respective URLs for further information or action.


Catalog items, maintain stocks, manage inventories, and view (or download) order summaries.


What Our Esteemed Patrons
Have To Say?

I am Munish Mehra, founder and CEO of Local Quest. Local Quest is an social networking cum on demand platform. In local quest user can request for various services and will be connected to various vendors available. I didn't have any prior app development experience before this app. I tried many programmers, freelancers for this project but all went in vein - no one was able to deliver a succesful project. Finally, I hired Vardhaman Infotech and team in Jaipur and we completed project on time with several add ons. It's easy to communicate with them, they are cost effective and have a team of professionals. I am looking forward to work with them on several upcoming projects. Thanks.
Munish Mehra Founder and CEO
I am into construction and jewlery company, here in New York. In todays scenarios it has bacame complex to monitor various processes involved in business on a regular basis. Decision making is difficult as you've data coming from various sources. That's where technology comes into play and we found that with Darshan at Vardhaman Infotech. They quickly understood our business goals and advised us on how to use technology for better tomorrow. Each and every process from sales, marketing, operations and finance was exceptionally done. We are working with them since last 5 years and looking forward for years to come.

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