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Our Engagement Model

Hire Indian programmers to accelerate company growth, marginalize expenditures,
reduce time and effort to market, and take your business to the next level with our eccentric outsourcing models.


Fixed Price

Our fixed price model involves you to list requirements, explain the scope, mention deadline, and negotiate a fixed price.

Benefits of Our Fixed Pricing Model

  • Negotiated and planned in advance
  • Breakdown of the workflow before developmental works
  • Anything and everything is specified before and during the work which brings structure to the entire project

When Should You Opt for A Fixed Pricing Model?

  • If your project is short-term in nature
  • If you want to study the work model of an outsourcing agency before awarding the project
  • If the project details such as requirements, budget, output are well-defined
  • When you have a clear scope and don’t want to bring any changes upon commencement of the project

Time & Material

The time and material model gives you the freedom to bring gradual changes to a project in order to see it evolve.

Benefits of Our Time and Material Engagement Model

  • No communication barriers
  • Prioritize tasks as you wish
  • Money paid to hire mobile app designer or to hire web designer is on your terms
  • Chances of disagreements with vendor is zero as you can change the requirements
  • Transparency in vendor-client relationship
  • Model is suited for any project
  • Unlimited access to project development process
  • Making alterations to project specifications is simpler

When Should You Opt for A Time and Material Engagement Model?

  • Project specification is ill-defined and subject to changes
  • Project complexity is of a high degree
  • When you want flexibility in the execution

Cloud team

Think of this engagement model as hiring a freelancer. You hire an individual or a team of technical experts to work on the project. The only catch here is that project management will be in-house.

Benefits of Our Cloud Team Model

  • Freedom to change priorities and tasks
  • Vendor takes care of the allocation of experts, the infrastructure, support, and efficiency
  • You control the allocation of resources
  • Your hired Indian app developers are clear about the project requirements

When Should You Opt For A Cloud Team Model?

  • You want to coordinate with the developers directly
  • If you employ a well-equipped team of IT professionals to manage projects
  • In-house IT team is short-staffed
  • You have a complex, long-term project that requires you to hire php developers or any outsourcing team

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