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How Much a Music Streaming App Like Pandora Radio Costs?

Music has become such an integral part of our lives. There’s not a single day that we go without listening to music. Every day, we end up discovering something new and innovative which makes us feel like having our own customized collection.  To find such good, innovative, authentic, and raw music, some tech-genius created a platform, a music streaming app. Yes, you can find all the music under one roof in clicks. No, not Youtube. An App like Pandora Radio provides this facility.

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Mobile Wallet App – Features And Development Cost

All thanks to evolving technology and some masterminds who make the utmost use of it, we were introduced to something known as Mobile Wallet Applications or an eWallet app. Since, demonetization has hit India, having tender or exact change had been difficult. Not only businesses had been affected, but also it has affected our everyday lives. eWallet Application or mobile wallet App has helped a lot in this situation.

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Develop A Sports Betting App Like William Hill? – Features And Costing

Nowadays, sports has become a religion for everyone. It is not just a mere source of entertainment anymore. Would you believe if we said there are people who gamble on various sports like football, tennis, horses, etc and make a substantial living out of it? It was considered universally illegal until something noticeable happened. Apparently, this gambling was given a bona fide authorization for doing business out of it. One of the companies to bring in this gambling culture and making it legal was William Hill.

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Augmented Reality Apps- Features And Development Cost

Technology has emerged to such a level that whatever you imagine you can easily give it a form, shape, or even a life, for that matter. Augmented Reality is one of the examples of such technology. To elaborate in a layman language, to augment means to reinforce or intensify something. Augmented Reality Apps come into the picture when you give a life of its own to a mere idea or a thought. Now, to know the features and benefits of Augmented Reality Mobile Apps and the development cost, please go through the blog.

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How Much Does It Cost To Develop An App Like Yelp?


With $713 million revenue in the last year, Yelp has become huge and influential. It has evolved fast from a simple website to a multinational corporation and business platform for restaurants, shops, clubs, etc. It launched Yelp mobile app due to the ever-growing use of mobile devices, and now over 70% of traffic come from mobile. Today, many strive to develop an App like Yelp to promote businesses.

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Cost Of Developing An On-Demand App That Offers Car Wash Service

An on-demand car-wash mobile app has come as a blessing for the car owners. These days, transportation and modes of commutation have drastically evolved, all thanks to technology and various inventions. Having a private vehicle, especially a four-wheeler is gradually becoming more of a necessity and less of luxury. However, owning a car comes with several other expenses like maintenance, fuel, insurance, et cetera.

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Latest trends in Application Software Development!

Mobile application development is ever rising unit that is not going to stop any further. In fact, the world of mobile technology is growing each passing day and we can see regular updates in technologies and expansion in applications. You can see innovations and adoptions, updated versions, replacement of the older ones to newer. The application software sector is continuously working, improving and making human life better and better.

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Latest Trends In Mobile Technologies Around The World

Before we start discussing the latest trends in mobile technologies, we need to know about the population using smartphones. Nowadays, more than 1.75 billion smartphone users around the world are enjoying mobile technology to improve their lifestyle. The population of youth is higher in the percentage of people using the latest and trendy smartphones. They are smart enough to understand the uses and benefits of mobile technology. They are aware of smart gadgets and technologies. Not only that, most of them know what they need from the next release before even consuming their current facilities.