Difference between angularjs and its different releases till date

The basic expectation from the users is the need for consistency from the Angular framework. Constancy makes the reusable modules and libraries, classes, resources, and procedures to be used with any version of Angular. This consistency is much need for the Angular ecosystem to succeed.  AngularJs or Angular 1.0 is a JavaScript-based framework developed by Google which is used to build the front-end. AngularJs is a superset of JavaScript Framework. It is utilized mostly in Single Page Applications (SPA) type of projects. It incorporates HTML DOM with new characteristics and makes it agile to respond to user commands.  AngularJs is considered to be the most SEO friendly language when compared to Angular. Its objective is to make the development and the QA process simple and efficient. AngularJs is open source, totally free, and utilized by many application development teams across the globe.


React Native vs Flutter vs Ionic vs Nativescript vs PWA

There are many numbers of frameworks that are accessible in the current. But the count of reliable frameworks is limited. Every technology has its own strong points and drawbacks. Picking up the right one for exact areas of usage is completely based on the requirements of the particular project. Before selecting a framework you may have to explore some of its aspects. They include features that make it unique, its simplicity and ease of use, reliability, security standards, supporting community, popularity among developers, documentation features available, etc. For any project to be successful the developer should be ready to adapt to the changes and must be robust in the technology. In this article, we will compare react native vs flutter vs ionic vs nativescript vs pwa to understand which one is better to go with.


Swift vs Objective c trends for 2017 and beyond

The increase in the use of mobile devices has transformed the mobile app development sector completely. The iOS operating system was developed and unveiled to the world in 2007. The iOS OS was far ahead of the other mobile operating systems available during that period of time. The changes we are witnessing in the last 7 years ever since iOS has been introduced are evidence of technological advancement. Apple’s capability to upgrade its operating system in recent years using popular programming languages to build applications is a proven fact. Apple managed to create an efficient language to answer some of Objective-C’s drawbacks. Swift evolved to make the life of iOS developers stress-free and more useful. 


iOS vs Android App Development

Mobile apps are turning out to be an essential need for every individual. Right from food orders to shopping we reply on the mobile apps. Google and Apple’s app store are the most visited shopping center nowadays. Mobile app development is one among the rapidly growing industries in the software industry. The developers have a wide range of choice for developing an app of their dream. Here we will discuss about which is the best? iOS or Android app development.


Mobile app development cost

Budget has always been the most important part of any project development. Before beginning an app development, the cost involved in every stage has to be analyzed. In this article we will see what are the types of costs involved and the factors influencing them during an app development.

Planning is always important!