Nodejs vs java an epic battle

Technology leanings keep improving, and we should be ready to adapt to those changes as and when required. Java and Nodejs both are equally important in web development.  Nodejs recently has gained its development practice when compared to Java. Java has existed for ages while Node.js has acquired popularity in recent days. Let us compare Node.js and Java to understand which is better.


The major differences between reactjs and react native

The JavaScript frameworks are the hottest topics in recent years. Among which react JS and React native are the most popular ones. Even though you can find a lot of similarities between them, they still have some distinctive differences. When you are trying to build native or hybrid applications, you must know the main dissimilarities between them to choose the best technology for your project. Below is a summary of the significant differences between these two frameworks. This should give you an overview of their strong points and the primary variances.