Our work Approach

We are a team of youngsters who works on a solo mission is to provide TOTAL SATISFACTION to our clients. We believe in regulations and accuracy the most. System of communication, integration and implementations are the key roles of our project development. We get success through determination and well-planned methods. Before anything, we listen to our clients trying to understand their taste and terminology. We ask question, literally a lot, just to ensure what actually they want in their project.

Keeping entire procedure simple, we have formed our own methodology that is-

Assess → Propose → Strategy → Design → Build → Examine → Launch → Evolve

With no fake promises, we accept that we take time to ASSESS our client’s organisation and its unique objectives, service program and requirement. This entire process leads us to a deep understanding that informs everything we then do for our clients. Then, we give a clear, actionable PROPOSAL that aligns with the objectives of our clients. Once we are done with this, all roles get started, from designers to developers that will get engaged during the project assessment and proposal phases.

Next is, STRATEGY, in which we rigorously explore all directions from strategic and operational, to creative and technical. We believe planning phase is most important, more like a foundation act, so we plan strictly. In our planning process we go by understanding key milestones, sharing the project resourcing and discussing any project risks. We appreciate and encourage agility and change when appropriate, then alter and communicate the plan when these arise.

Now, DESIGN, which activates the role of creative designers, who is at Vardhaman InfoTech is professional, experienced and user-centric. It is committed to deliver digital experiences that activate, reward and inspire our clients’ customers. As our team truly passionate about web development and mobile app development, it works properly and purposely. They BUILD a websites and applications that are accessible, standards-compliant and best practice. It’s about cutting edge, not bleeding edge. And it’s about executing on your vision so it becomes a reality.

Further, we EXAMINE whatever we do as we are committed to deliver quality in everything they do. For this reason we take testing and quality assurance very seriously. We undertake thorough functional, performance, cross-browser and cross-device testing throughout any project.

We have a simple yet winning LAUNCH strategy, which is planning, preparation and process. And when it come to go live, we does a series of checklist that guide everyone through the process of a successful launch. We’re confident that your launch experience will be one to celebrate!

And if you think this is it, then sorry, we have not yet. Your website and digital platforms are dynamic marketing instruments that require continuous improvement to remain competitive—they are no longer set and forget investments. So, we stay here and will continue to bring improvement to your business through updated versions. This also develops a strong working relationship that drives a deep understanding between our clients and the Vardhaman team.

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